Effortless Indoor Air Quality

Broan-NuTone’s suite of indoor air quality solutions at VISION House Transcend won’t leave occupants wondering what they are breathing.

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People spend time thinking about what they are eating and what they are drinking. There is a choice–to eat or not to eat. However, when it comes to air, there is no choice. Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), wildfire smoke, smog, allergens, viruses, mold and bacteria can all be found in both indoor and outdoor air and negatively impact human health.


VISION House Transcend will have the Broan (RMP 17004) 30” Hood Insert to clear away toxins and smoke from cooking. This range hood is quiet, has four motor levels to choose from and dual-level lighting control. Since the home will have Overture, the system will turn on the range hood at the needed speed depending on what is cooking. credit: Broan  

At VISION House Transcend, we aim to push the boundaries of what it means to live in a truly healthy, net zero home. Sleep, mood, and energy are all affected by indoor air quality. With the help of Broan-NuTone’s indoor air quality solutions, a smart and healthy home is made possible.

“Net zero, modular homes are an exciting segment of our industry, and they provide homeowners with fast, reliable, green, and, most importantly, healthy homes. We, at Broan-NuTone, believe everyone should be able to come home to fresh air and a better quality of life. Transcend homes provide that,” notes Dave Jones, senior marketing communications and brand manager at Broan-NuTone.

Fully Automated Fresh Air System 

Daily activities, such as cooking, showering, cleaning, or even breathing, contribute to poor indoor air quality. But systems like Broan-NuTone’s Overture, a whole home ventilation system, can manage and improve indoor air.

“Overture senses for moisture, CO2, TVOCs and temperature. When the monitors sense a rise in moisture, for example, they will automatically trigger the connected ventilation device such as a range hood or bath fan,” explains Jones.


VISION House Transcend will also feature Broan’s AI Series ERV, which brings fresh, filtered air into the home while removing stale, polluted air. The included VIRTUO™ Air Technology is specifically designed to provide fresh air in any season and any installation situation. The core in Broan’s ERVs brings the incoming air more in line with the outgoing air, which saves energy costs. For instance, if the air outside is hot and humid but the air inside is cool and dry. It includes a MERV 8 filter with the option to upgrade to MERV 13. credit: Broan 

Overture consists of three components: room sensors, wall controls and smart plugs. The sensors and wall controls monitor the indoor air quality in each room and automatically turn on the nearest vent fan or range hood.

Similarly, “Overture’s Smart Plug provides the ERV with the signal to go into boost mode when the Smart Wall Control or Smart Room Monitor senses an increase in pollutants,” says Jones. 

All of these devices are connected to a mobile app that controls the system and provides a report on the home’s indoor air quality. This information gives homeowners knowledge of what activities create polluted air, giving them the agency to shift daily habits toward healthier ones.

“Our products provide the air needed to live a safe, healthy life in a place someone calls home,” concludes Jones.

Stay updated to learn more about VISION House Transcend and Broan-NuTone’s participation.