Droughts Make Water Management Increasingly Vital

To address water security and scarcity, The Sonders Project is working with Phyn, a leader in water solutions, to reduce the community’s demand for the precious resource. 

The Southwest United States is desperately parched. The Colorado River supplies drinking water to 40 million people in seven western states and irrigates over 5 million acres of farmland. However, the river has shrunk by 20% since 2000. 

In New Mexico, the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire has broken the record for the state’s largest wildfire… in May. The massive fires across the Western United States have been fueled by unusually dry, windy, and warm springtime weather. 

Unfortunately, this is not a major surprise, as drought conditions have ravished the region for over 20 years, persisting since 2000. According to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, this has been the driest 22-year period of the past 1,200 years, accurately named a “megadrought.” 

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, acknowledges that “net-zero water is now an attainable goal through the deployment of technologies and strategies that address conservation, monitoring, recycling, and environmentally appropriate discharging practices.”


Screenshot_2022-06-22_at_10-20-42_Phyn_Plus_Automatic_Water_Shut_Off_Valve_Water_Leak_DetectorThe Sonders Project, a VISION House community that Green Builder Media is developing with Thrive Home Builders in Fort Collins, Colo., aims to address water through advanced technologies like leak detection and water monitoring systems. Phyn was chosen for its dedication to producing pivotal solutions and data collection that can be used to inform homeowners about how and when to use water.

Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn, highlights that PhynPlus “detects any anomalies and alerts a homeowner if there is a concern, automatically shutting water off if there is imminent damage while also monitoring and itemizing usage.”

Phyn can help educate and identify where water is being wasted. A leak can cause significant damage to a building if undetected, such as drywall, trim and framing damage. Since The Sonders Project will be a 55+ active adult community, it is expected that residents are more likely to travel and spend time away from home, increasing the importance of leak detection.

Kim says that “preventing leaks is a big deal, but the cost of water is rising everywhere.” There are smaller instances of water waste that add up over time, such as a leaky toilet, leaving the water running while washing dishes and irrigation that runs onto the pavement. Phyn Solutions helps residents understand their water usage and daily habits and how they can save both water and money.