Demonstration Home Boasts Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

At VISION House Sussex in Wisconsin, an optimized heating and cooling system is crucial due to uncomfortably hot summers and bitterly cold winters. How was this accomplished with energy efficiency in mind? 

At VISION House Sussex, now underway near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sustainability and healthy living are top priorities. Tim O’Brien Homes is genuinely committed to “positively impact people’s lives – from clients to partners and employees.”  

To help contribute to their goals, Tim O’Brien Homes specified Carrier to provide heat pumps, furnaces, and smart thermostats for the demonstration home. Their suite of sustainable, connected products will efficiently heat and cool the home.

Cover_CarrierCarrier is dedicated to reducing its customers’ carbon footprint by more than a gigaton, achieving carbon and water neutral operations and delivering zero waste to landfill at manufacturing locations by 2030.  

“Our 2030 ESG goals underscore our commitment to the things that matter and showcase our desire to continuously challenge ourselves to think bigger and to be better. Expanding on three decades of environmental targets, our goals include measures to improve our planet, our people and our communities. We strive to be a catalyst for positive and sustainable change as we innovate, empower our people, and operate with integrity,” says Justin Keppy, President, NA Residential and Light Commercial HVAC, Carrier.  

Single Zone Heating and Cooling

Performance Heat Pump will reduce the building’s carbon emissions by utilizing electricity instead of fossil fuels. As this is a ductless unit, there is no need for ductwork, and the system will keep the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Next, the ductless Performance High Wall Indoor Unit will deliver warm and cool air to the garage. This unit offers a balance between budget and energy efficiency. A temperature sensor in the remote controller will sense its surrounding temperature and adjust. Additionally, the unit comes with a remote control for convenience. 


The High Wall Indoor Unit works with both single and multi-zone ductless systems.

Whole-Home Heating and Cooling

The rest of the Wisconsin home will boast dual-fuel Hybrid Heat® capabilities with the Performance 96 Gas Furnace and the Performance 17 Heat Pump, this two stage system provides a great balance of energy efficiency and home comfort.

Carrier’s Performance 96 condensing gas furnaces offer smart electronics and two-stage capabilities that take indoor comfort and energy-saving performance to new levels. This particular model has a variable-speed blower motor and will run in low stage up to 90% of the time. Longer, low-stage run times give you better energy efficiency, better temperature control and increased comfort. It also assures you quieter performance. 

The Performance series heat pumps offer the perfect balance between budget limits that homeowners may have today and their desire for long-term energy savings. The 25TPA7 boasts cooling efficiencies of up to 17 SEER2. Like other Carrier heat pumps, it's designed to be Hybrid Heat system compatible to help you save on heating costs in winter too. But this Performance 17 model also goes that one step further to give you two-stage compression for added comfort and quiet.

SmartEvap technology gives cooling condensation time to drain away to prevent rehumidification. As a result, SmartEvap can reduce humidity by up to 10%. 

To control this system, ecobee for Carrier with InteliSense™ Technology. Carrier’s InteliSense Technology connects homeowner units to dealers, making maintenance and servicing simple. It delivers brilliant savings and control, automatically helping homeowners save up to 26%* on annual heating and cooling cost through advance occupancy sensing technology. 


The ecobee for Carrier thermostats are thoughtfully designed with features that bring you comfort at home and control from anywhere.

At VISION House Sussex, these products will work together to provide occupants with the perfect balance between comfort, cost, and energy efficiency, offering homeowners complete control and constant temperatures, regardless of the season.