Cabinets Crafted by a “Family of Families”

Watch this video to learn how Wellborn Cabinet merges the art of fine craftsmanship with a deep commitment to community.

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In a recent interview, Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, spoke with Paul Wellborn, President and Chairman of the Board at Wellborn Cabinet, about insights into the core values and mission that have steered the company's journey. Wellborn Cabinet, founded in 1961, has a high level of commitment to waste minimization, quality, and employee wellness.


"Wellborn is a privately held, family-owned company," Wellborn begins, setting the stage for a narrative deeply rooted in tradition and care for employees. The company's mission transcends the mere production of high-quality cabinetry; it embodies a profound respect for natural resources and the people who make it all possible. Paul shares, "I was raised not to waste materials,” as he reflects on working with his dad in construction. “So we try to prevent waste. I've always been told not to waste materials, and I believe in it."

The company aims to fully incorporate resource optimization practices, policies, and standards throughout the enterprise—from suppliers through final delivery to customers. For example, Wellborn Cabinet has recycling programs that utilize wood waste to generate power and steam, and they continuously endeavor to reduce VOC emissions through technology.

Wellborn Cabinet is also committed to American-made quality. From sourcing materials locally to ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship, the company takes pride in its contribution to the economy and local communities. "We believe in good quality. We’ve got good people. They do a great job," Wellborn states, highlighting the skilled workforce behind Wellborn's success.

Wellborn Cabinet

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Wellborn Cabinet's ethos is its view of the company as not just a business, but a community of families. Paul reflects on the deep connections formed over the years, "We're not only a family business, we are a business of a lot of families." This sense of belonging and mutual respect is a cornerstone of Wellborn's identity, fostering an environment where employees and their families grow and thrive together.

“I enjoy coming in and going to work and working with these people as much as being at home with my own family because we've got so many good people."

Watch the video and visit Wellborn Cabinet’s website for more information.

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