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Structure Articles

Size Up Your Structural Options
Before you build a new home or add an addition to your current house, size up your structural options. Each has ecological and economic pros and cons.  Read More

What Makes Framing Green
A building design based on two-foot increments makes sizing more predictable and framing easier to install. It also minimizes the amount of waste produced when cutting framing materials. Read More

Pods for the Paranoid
These steel-framed pods can house a family of three for about 10 months Read More

Wall Build Up Comparison 
This virtual building science exercise takes a house floorplan as its template and simulates how seven different envelopes change the energy performance. Read More

Mass Confusion
The thermal mass effect is a clear selling point for insulated concrete wall systems. What's less clear is how - and where - this effect works. Read More


Straw Bale truth wall

Subtle Masterpiece

Our 2013 Green Home of the Year Grand Winner used straw-bale walls. Like many straw-bale homes, a framed and glassed over truth wall showcases the rice-straw interior structure.  Read More