Big Trends in Behind-the-Walls Products

Featured at the 2024 IBS/KBIS Show, these powerhouse behind-the-walls products may not be visible in today’s new homes, but they are key to high performance.

New products that promote sustainability, durability, and efficiency help builders put up the highest quality houses in the country. From underlayment to structural sheathing to insulation, the following products are some of the best options for today’s resilient homes.

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VaporDry SA by Benjamin Obdyke

Amid the growing popularity of unvented attics for energy efficiency, the VaporDry SA roof underlayment by Benjamin Obdyke is a cutting-edge, self-adhered, vapor-permeable underlayment designed to enhance the performance and longevity of roofing assemblies. It features a 100% fully continuous acrylic adhesive for optimal sealability and vapor permeance, making it suitable for all roofing types with a pitch of 3:12 or greater. Its trilaminate polypropylene composition, high-temperature resistance (up to 250°F), and slip-resistant surface ensure a durable and easy installation. When used with Cedar Breather Ventilated Underlayment, maximum drying potential is achieved.

VaporDry SA Benjamin Obdyke

ThermoPly by OX Engineered Products

The ThermoPLY system from OX Engineered Products stands out as a versatile alternative to OSB. By consolidating the functions of structural sheathing, air barrier, and water-resistive barrier into a single product. It's designed to outperform traditional OSB and building wrap combinations with a lighter, more economical, and efficient approach. ThermoPLY features high-strength cellulosic fiber boards with a protective polymer exterior layer and water-resistive coating on both sides, ensuring a durable air and moisture barrier. Available in three grades for various structural needs, it also comes with a 30-year limited warranty, emphasizing its reliability and quality.

ThermoPly OX

SucraSeal by Enverge

Enverge’s new spray foam insulation solution, SucraSeal, pushes the boundaries of environmentally friendly insulation. This open-cell insulation is recognized for its energy efficiency, comfort, and superior indoor air quality benefits. Using a sucrose-based technology to pass the ICC ES AC377 Appendix X Fire Test, this product is 17% bio-based. As an ENERGY STAR-certified product, SucraSeal use can reduce HVAC tonnage requirements by up to 50%. 

SucraSeal Enverge

Fiber Global Forged Fiber Board

Fiber Global is revolutionizing the building materials industry by creating advanced, sustainable products without cutting down trees. Utilizing reclaimed corrugated cardboard, their product, Forged Fiber Board (FFB), is designed for the construction and furniture industries, offering a more durable, affordable, and higher-performing alternative to traditional materials. Emphasizing sustainability, FFB is made from 100% recycled materials, uses zero water in its manufacturing process, incorporates bio-based resin, and emits no VOCs, while also being moisture and mold-resistant, easily workable, and fire-retardant

Fiber Global

Panel Building System by RSG 3-D

The RSG 3-D Panel Building System offers a future-proof, sustainable construction solution recognized for its resilience and energy efficiency. The panels are suitable for various applications, including homes and commercial buildings. It features a monolithic construction with EPS insulation, a high-tensile steel truss system, and concrete surfaces, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to insects, mold, fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Panel Building System by RSG 3D