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How Integrated Project Delivery Reduces Costs, Waste and Time for Construction Jobs

Posted by Cathy Rust, Contributing Editor

Nov 14, 2016 10:26:18 AM

To deliver a building under budget is rarely heard of, but throw in net zero while delivering a completed project four months early, and now you’re into territory that is pretty much uncharted in the construction industry.

At the Green Building Festival, Jen Hancock gave a presentation on how her company, Chandos, delivered a net zero building commercial project to the client, four months early, under budget.  I contacted Jen after the presentation because I wanted to find out more about how they accomplished this feat. Chandos isn’t like other construction companies and this is immediately evident when you see that Jen’s title is the Director of Innovative Construction. How many firms have that title on their roster?

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Developer Uses Goats to Clear Prickly Scrub from Property for Bridge Project

Posted by Rodney W. Campbell, Guest Contributor

Nov 11, 2016 11:50:32 AM

The goats, which are available for rent, work for months at a time for a very low rate: free range food and modest shelter.

A few dozen Slayden/Sundt subcontractors at the Sellwood Bridge project in Portland, Oregon, had horns, hooves and a healthy appetite for brush. They preferred night work, took daily power naps and never requested time off.

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A Choice of Progress

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Nov 10, 2016 11:38:01 AM

Given the results of the election, our sustainability work has become more important than ever. Now is the time for us to step up and fulfil our duty as a group of tireless change-makers that do not shy away from any kind of challenge—regardless of how daunting that task may seem at the moment.

The team at Green Builder Media, in partnership with friends and colleagues around the world, have worked assiduously for over a decade to affect positive change within and beyond the building industry.  With the Presidential election results, the urgency and significance of our work has increased exponentially.

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Bring on the Winter Blues - 5 Ways Smart Lighting Can Help!

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Nov 7, 2016 8:23:34 AM

Sunday marked the end of Daylight Saving Time, and with all of the late nights recently watching the World Series, heading out to Halloween parties, and hanging on every bit of news coming out of the Election, we could all use some help getting back to normal.

This is always a big topic this time of year because the time change can really mess with our body’s internal clock - our circadian rhythm - that essentially tells us when to go to sleep, when to get up, when to eat/digest, and so on. Light is both our friend and enemy here since our body syncs up to the sun’s rays for our 24 hour cycle and circadian rhythm balance.

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Cooking with Glass at the Arc House

Posted by Juliet Grable

Nov 4, 2016 9:20:12 AM

Efficient, flexible, and powerful, Miele’s induction cooktops show why the technology is a popular choice for today’s green homes.

Miele’s ceramic glass induction cooktops are available with a stainless steel frame, or they can be flush-mounted for seamless integration into the countertop.

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Tesla: Solving the Energy Conundrum

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Nov 3, 2016 8:28:06 AM

Last Friday, Tesla announced the next step in its plan for achieving an integrated energy future with the unveiling of its latest innovative technology: solar roof tiles.

The national news media has been awash with reports of Tesla’s breaking announcement last Friday, unveiling the next step in the company’s goal of achieving an integrated energy future.  

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Anti-Solar Pundits Delight in Problems with the First Solar Road Rollout, But History is Replete with Premature Gloating

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Oct 28, 2016 12:56:37 PM

The folks at Solar Roadways had a bad week last week, as the first pilot test of their power-generating panels failed on several levels. But the "gotcha" commentary from status quo bloggers is simply another attempt to hold back history.

It's a little known fact that Thomas Edison made thousands of unsuccesful attempts to create a working light bulb:

"Before I got through, I tested no fewer than 6,000 vegetable growths, and ransacked the world for the most suitable filament material. The electric light has caused me the greatest amount of study and has required the most elaborate experiments," he wrote. "I was never myself discouraged, or inclined to be hopeless of success. I cannot say the same for all my associates."

ACCORDING TO A YOUNG, CONSERVATIVE COLUMNIST named Andrew Follett, one attempt  is all you get when trying to invent a solar roadway. Fail, and you'll deserve a scathing review about your "epic failure." Thomas Edison would have laughed at such nonsense. Before we accept such smug diatribes against solar entrepeneurs, we need to assess the source of the criticism. Simply because content is printed with a byline on the Internet doesn't mean that it's credible journalism.

Follet is fanatically devoted to defending the status quo. A true believer in so called "American exceptionalism," he's written about how America isn't keeping up with Russia in developing more nuclear plants ("Experts Admit US Nuclear Power Program Way Behind Russia’s"), how fracking wastewater is "96% natural," i.e., not risky to human health, and how  "Fracking Has ‘Little To No Impact On Wildlife," and even found it necessary to argue that  "Global Warming Doesn't Actually Cause Wars," Oh, and he also dislikes wind energy, penning other "gotcha" pieces such as: "Pricey wind turbine only powered eight homes."

Who or what is The Daily Caller? Google describes it as "a politically conservative American news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C.. It was founded by Tucker Carlson, a libertarian conservative political pundit, and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney."

That's right. Dick Cheney. Halliburton Gas & Oil. Need we say more?

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Sustainability Symposium 2017: Ready for Anything

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Oct 27, 2016 9:00:13 AM

If you care about the environment, if you question the suitability of current development models, if you want to take an active part in the transition to a sustainable future—don’t miss the opportunity to join with other thought leaders at the Sustainability Symposium 2017: Ready for Anything.

Every once in a while, an occasion arises that allows us to meaningfully shape the course of the future.  A watershed moment that sets a new direction for an industry, a society, a nation. 

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Scientists Warn Negative Emissions Are a ‘Moral Hazard’

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Oct 24, 2016 10:26:25 AM

Both negative emissions and drastic greenhouse gas pollution cuts are necessary in order to keep climate change in check.

Removing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere to prevent global warming from becoming catastrophic may be a fool’s game amounting to a “moral hazard par excellence,” according to a paper published Thursday in the journal Science.

Nobody knows if atmospheric carbon removal — known as negative emissions — will work, and it could delay critical cuts to emissions while tacitly giving people license to pollute, the paper says.

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White Paper: Formaldehyde from Building Products Can Offgass for Years

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Oct 21, 2016 8:45:19 AM

Researching on indoor air pollution recently, I discovered this study from 2005 on the "half-life" of formaldehyde in homes, based on the age of the house and the types of materials used. It makes for thought-provoking reading. Here's the abstract and a link:

"Decay is the decrease in formaldehyde concentrations in homes or the decrease in emissions from formaldehyde containing products over time. The decrease in formaldehyde concentrations over time (decay) in home studies is typically determined by associating formaldehyde concentrations by home age. The average half life in such studies is highly variable, varying from about 1 year to more than 20 years, depending on the nature of the home population under study and other factors.

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Climate News: A Trifecta of Global Agreements

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Oct 20, 2016 10:28:58 AM

It has been a good month for the climate, as countries from around the globe have signed three watershed climate change agreements.

Over the past few weeks, major steps have been taken to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of our changing climate.

Much to the relief of climate advocates around the world, the Paris Agreement has now been ratified by nearly 100 countries, representing almost 65% of global emissions, bringing the agreement into full legal force.  Through the agreement, 190 countries have pledged to limit global warming, reduce carbon emissions, adopt clean technologies, and assist poor countries that have been impacted by climate change. 

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Harvard Report: Remodeling Spending Should Peak in 2017

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Oct 20, 2016 9:44:26 AM

Strong gains in home renovation and repair spending are expected to continue into next year before tapering, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) released today by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. The LIRA projects that annual growth in home improvement and repair expenditures will continue to increase, surpassing eight percent by the second quarter of 2017 before moderating somewhat later in the year.

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Green Building on a Budget: Before the Bling

Posted by Miki Cook, Guest Columnist

Oct 18, 2016 4:43:04 PM

These tips can reduce Your baseline budget, at the same time improving the home's performance.

Green bling refers to expensive green upgrades. These range from high-performance heating and cooling equipment, high-efficiency water heaters and plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, photovoltaic electricity panels and home automation systems, to solid wood and stone floors, earth-plaster walls and custom cabinets.

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