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Renewable Energy in Iran

Posted by Wyatt C. King

Aug 19, 2014 5:17:00 PM

MOST OF THE TIME WHEN we read about Iran in the news these days, at least in the U.S. media, the focus is on the international negotiations over the fate of the country’s nascent nuclear program. Apart from the nuclear issue and references to Iran’s enormous oil and gas reserves, we hear little else about the country’s energy plans. So it may come as a surprise to learn that Iran is stepping up its commitment to renewable energy, particularly wind and solar.

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Two D.C. Universities Go Solar

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Aug 17, 2014 8:44:00 AM

Thursday NPR Kojo's Nnamdi Show discussed how two Washington, D.C., universities—American University and The George Washington University—plan to get half their energy next year from solar power through their Capital Partners Solar Project. “Starting in 2015, GW will source half of its electricity from a solar farm in.

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Bold Australian Shiraz Victim of Climate Change

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Aug 17, 2014 8:43:00 AM

Wine lovers of the world, may mourn the loss of bold Australian Shiraz due to climate change, but not everyone is accepting withering vines. Some are growing award-winning wine in Tasmania.

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Storing Solar in a Bottle

Posted by Christina B. Farnsworth

Aug 17, 2014 8:39:00 AM

Overnight storage has been the nemesis of the solar power industry. The sun sets, power stops. It is certainly easy to produce a lot of power from the sun, but how does one store it? Companies are coming online that provide solutions to store sunlight.

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One Carbon Fee Program to Rule them All

Posted by Sara Gutterman

Aug 14, 2014 2:38:47 PM

In our ever-evolving global economy, it’s becoming crystal clear that only the countries and companies that successfully merge sustainability with profitability will succeed in a resource constrained world. In the future, if organizations and governments divorce sustainability from financial growth, they’ll simply put themselves out of business.

Fortunately, businesses and administrations around the world are devising creative strategies to address their specific environmental impact. Amidst all of the activity, an emerging solution is gaining in palatability and viability across the board—appropriately pricing carbon.

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