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Green Builder magazine is the award-winning, international print publication produced by Green Builder Media.


The nation's oldest and best known business-to-business publication is dedicated to green building, remodeling and building science. We take our role as both reporters and advocates for environmental building, design and lifestyles seriously. 

Our experienced editorial team understands the tough, demanding work schedules of homebuilders, architects, trades and other professionals. So if there's information you need that we're not providing, please feel free to drop me a note,

Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

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Current Issue: Scanning the Horizon

Nov-Dec 2020 Issue Banner

Our annual State of Sustainable Building Report points to surging demand for new and better housing, rising from the painful passage of the pandemic.


COVID-19 has tested society politically, personally and economically. But the building industry has fared better than most of the economy.
Here’s where we are and where we’re going in the coming year.

A Sustained Surge?
The housing market, with strong sales, ascending prices and low mortgage rates, is proving to be a bright spot in the economy—for now.

Updating the Home Office
With more people than ever shifting to full-time work at home, many housing designs require rethinking.

Quantum Shift
The coronavirus has increased buying interest from millennials, and altered size and design priorities.

Health Matters
As people spend more time indoors, thoughts turn to how they can remain healthy and happy.

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