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Green Builder magazine is the award-winning, international print publication produced by Green Builder Media.


The nation's oldest and best known business-to-business publication is dedicated to green building, remodeling and building science. We take our role as both reporters and advocates for environmental building, design and lifestyles seriously. 

Our experienced editorial team understands the tough, demanding work schedules of homebuilders, architects, trades and other professionals. So if there's information you need that we're not providing, please feel free to drop me a note,

Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

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Current Issue: Green Home of the Year Awards

January-February 2020 Issue Banner

Our annual showcase of the best of the best includes SIP homes, stunning expanses of high-performance glass and more.  Click the image above to view the issue.



Sustainability Superhero Peter Pfeiffer’s history of building climate-efficient structures has
made indelible contributions to home design and performance.

Urban Sustainability Programs We honor Austin, Santa Fe and San Luis Obispo for their efforts toward addressing climate change.

Green Innovations of the Year Nine products that demonstrate how sustainability can be enhanced when cloud-based apps and real-world engineering smarts converge.


Grand Overall Winner: Empowered Perfection The Monroe Farmhouse showcases outstanding attention to energy, ventilation and heat management.

Modern Design: Resilient Retreat Prepared for the uncertainties of Climate Change, this home can weather almost any storm.

Mainstream Green: Net Zero Times Three The Anacortes Triple Zero Home covers all the bases when it comes to energy efficiency.

Small Footprint: Horizon House This tiny House of the Horizon is designed to stay safe,
even in the face of nature’s fury.

Alternative Building: One for All It’s the same shade of green living throughout this upscale,
multi-lifestyle complex.

Sustainable Community: Multifamily Masterpiece It’s elegant, efficient and a sign of things to come, according these Seattle developers.

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2020 Green Home of the Year Awards
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