May-June 2022: Resilience and Readiness

In this issue, we discuss strategies in the battle against climate change. Other articles include

  • The Sonders Project: Decarbonizing at the Community Level. An upcoming development in Fort Collins, Colorado, reimagines sustainable living—neighborhood by neighborhood.
  • Millennials: The Driving Force. COGNITION Smart Data market intelligence shows what Millennials want—and what they'll pay for—in their homes.
  • ReVISION House Scottsdale: From the Inside Out. As construction continues, the focus shifts to what's going on behind the walls and above the ceilings.
  • Dealing with Megadrought: Here are five water-saving technologies every home should include.
  • Housing 2.0: Even three years ago, the construction industry expected to have a tough time finding workers. How do we prevent more the same in 2022 and beyond?