Superior Sustainable Surfaces

Superior Sustainable Surfaces

From LVT tile to porcelain to sustainable countertops—these surfaces show off the most exciting trends for today’s homes. 

Manufacturers are bringing sustainability to all the surfaces of today’s green homes. Featuring recycled materials, zero PVC plastics, non-toxic properties, thermal efficiency, and durability—these products offer consumers eco-conscious alternatives that work with any home decor. Plus, many of these manufacturers are producing products in more sustainable ways, with water conservation programs and by using, in one case, 100% renewable energy in production. 

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PureTech by Mohawk

Mohawk Flooring's new PureTech flooring is a testament to the company’s focus on sustainability and performance. This LVT tile product features zero PVC plastics, 70% total recycled content, and an 80% renewable organic core. PureTech advances environmental stewardship further by aiding in the prevention of ocean-bound plastic in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Additionally, it provides an array of technologies that protect against water damage and scratches, handling anything life has to throw at it.

PureTech Mohawk Flooring

Calligo by Daltile 

Daltile’s new Calligo collection stood out for its wellness and sustainability attributes. This porcelain surface boasts inert durability, low maintenance needs, recyclability, non-toxic properties and thermal efficiency. Infused with Daltile's proprietary DEFEND powered by Microban technology, Calligo ensures a hygienic surface by continuously eliminating 99% of bacteria, making it ideal for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens where cleanliness is paramount. Scheduled for launch in Spring 2024, the Calligo collection will be available in a range of formats, including glazed ceramic wall tile, porcelain floor tile, and decorative mosaics, suitable for various applications from floors and walls to countertops and shower floors.

Calligo Daltile

Silestone by Cosentino

This year at KBIS, Cosentino unveiled their sustainable line of surfaces, Silestone XM. Cosentino has created a surface that was made with 100% renewable energy, 99% recycled water and contains at least 20% recycled materials. Additionally, their Hybriq+ technology enables the creation of surfaces with a maximum silica content of 10%, while maintaining performance. The carefully selected blend of minerals was chosen for their design capabilities and strength. Check out their unique patterns, designs and collections.

Silstone Cosentino

Ooak Porcelain by Caesarstone

Caesarstone's Ooak (One Of A Kind) Porcelain Collection , expanding in spring 2024 with seven new colors and two finishes, highlights the sustainability and versatility of porcelain. Known for its durability, heat and scratch resistance, porcelain is increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor countertops. This collection, embodying the beauty of geology, offers designs that echo the earth's natural aesthetics. The innovative In-Sync Technology ensures uniformity across each slab's body, surface, and edge, making it an eco-friendly and visually seamless choice for modern living spaces.

Ooak Caesarstone