Flooring the Future: Mohawk's Path to Sustainable Homes

Flooring the Future: Mohawk's Path to Sustainable Homes

A champion of sustainability, Mohawk continues to create innovative flooring products, bringing younger generations of homebuyers one step closer to owning the low-carbon homes of their dreams.

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Mohawk Industries has been at the forefront of building product sustainability with its premium flooring products. From carpets to ceramic tiles to wood flooring, Mohawk has exceeded standard market practices and continues to innovate, delivering high-quality, low-carbon, and circular products that go beyond consumer expectations.

With 90% of the day being spent indoors, it's no surprise that the younger generation of homebuyers wants net-zero, all-electric, healthy, and connected homes. They seek the peace of mind that comes with improved indoor air quality, resilience through solar energy, the convenience of smart devices, and the cost savings of owning a high-performance, energy-efficient home.


Mohawk makes it easier for builders to create these dream low-carbon homes by offering several sustainable flooring options that are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.

One such product, Mohawk’s new Renewable Polymer Core (RPC) PureTech flooring , is a sustainable alternative to traditional luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and is PVC-free. It maintains the same waterproof qualities as LVT and exceeds its scratch resistance.

Jeff Meadows, President of Residential Sales for Mohawk, remarks that “PureTech flooring has three times the scratch resistance of an LVT product.” This is a significant advantage for homeowners seeking a sustainable alternative to LVT, especially those with large dogs or who frequently move furniture and want to avoid risking floor damage.

PureTech flooring also offers the added bonus of being composed of 70% total recycled content, with an organic core consisting of 80% recycled plant material. 

Given all of these advantages, selecting PureTech flooring for the VISION House Las Vegas project was an obvious choice. 

Mohawk’s dedication to sustainability, demonstrated through their comprehensive ESG strategy and utilization of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), perfectly complements the overarching goal of VISION House Las Vegas: to showcase that environmentally and socially focused housing is the new standard.

This is corroborated by a 126% increase in HERS-rated homes from 2013 to the present. With growing consumer demand, the number of energy-efficient, high-performance homes is expected to continue rising. RESNET is hopeful that by the end of 2028, a million HERS ratings will occur annually, adding to the existing 4 million homes currently rated.

The VISION House Las Vegas project signals to the housing industry that pushing the existing standards of energy efficiency to net-zero is not only possible but is happening at scale now.

Learn more about the VISION House Las Vegas project and Mohawk’s involvement here.