Remote Working Paradigm Shift

Remote working is no longer a trend precipitated by a pandemic, it’s now a long-term strategy that many businesses are using to cut costs and attract workers.     

For the past year, the housing sector has been the bright spot of the economy, and many companies in the industry—manufacturers, building professionals, and service providers alike—are investing in growth and hiring new employees.

remote workingAccording to COGNITION Smart Data , an unprecedented 90 percent of companies in the housing sector report that they plan to grow their teams this year. Survey results also revealed that flexible schedules and the opportunity to work remotely are two of the most desirable job attributes for employees at this time. 

These shifting needs are driving long-term hiring strategies at companies throughout the sector, changing how they compete for top talent and expanding the potential labor pool (since geographic location is no longer a barrier.)

Approximately 75 percent of workers have indicated that they don’t want to return to an office full time, and more than 80 percent of U.S. employers said that the shift to remote working has been beneficial for their companies.

To attract younger workers, companies are also emphasizing digitization, the opportunity to work with advanced technologies, and augmented training opportunities.

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