Psychological Aspects of Home Sound Systems

Music and robust sound experiences can enhance health and wellness in the home, according to experts.

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As a pioneer of multi-room wireless home audio technology, Sonos has continued to innovate and overcome barriers on its journey to produce the best sound experience imaginable.

Green Builder Media’s high-tech and sustainable prefab demonstration home, VISION House Transcend, will feature several Sonos products to bring multi-room sound experiences to the entire indoor/outdoor oasis. The home will boast an array of energy efficient soundbars, portable speakers and architectural speakers that auto-tune to the space.

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, recently sat down with the director of global affairs and sustainability at Sonos, Deji Olukotun, to discuss Sonos’ technological advancements and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. 


During the interview, Olukotun explains the customization of Sonos’ products and systems, as well as the company’s sustainability journey.  

Over the years, Sonos has focused on “music for healing and resilience.” For example, Sonos Soundwaves has provided children in need with opportunities to think creatively, achieve academically, develop social skills and prepare for successful futures. 

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With the program’s success, Sonos has recently expanded its efforts to include new causes and collaboration with nine different nonprofits. As a result, the company is helping provide bedside concerts in hospitals for healing, outdoor concerts accessible for people with disabilities, and healthcare for musicians.

Similarly, Olukotun describes how Sonos supports the use of sound to promote biodiversity and conservation through a program called Regenerative Sound. Olukotun talks about the emerging field called bioacoustics, “where sensors are placed in forests and oceans to listen for biodiversity and help scientists and engineers track whether forests are being protected and the health of those environments.”

Olukotun also delves into the company’s environmental initiatives such as product energy efficiency, supply chain sustainability and logistics and distribution of products (packaging and shipping). Sonos plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040.

“Nine out of 10 Sonos products ever made are still in use today,” asserts Olukotun. With the help of life cycle assessments, Olukotun explains how “we are not just building devices that you are supposed to use and then chuck. They should be lasting a long time and providing you with good experiences for a long time, and we are very committed to that.” 

Watch the video to learn more about VISION House Transcend and Sonos’s new technological, social and environmental strides.