Efficient Living, Solar-Driven: The Next Generation of Homeownership

Efficient Living, Solar-Driven: The Next Generation of Homeownership

Beazer Homes prioritizes high-performance living, offering homes with built-in solar capabilities to enhance energy efficiency and savings.

Owning a home with solar panels is great. Want to know what’s even better? Owning an energy-efficient home that reduces the overall energy needed to be offset by the solar panels.

This is especially true for new construction homes, where it’s much easier for homeowners to have a move-in ready, energy-efficient home with built-in solar capabilities, avoiding the costly expenses of retrofitting later on.

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, met with Kyle Tibbitts, Division President at Beazer Homes, to discuss how Beazer is evolving their new construction homes by making them extremely energy efficient, high performance, and ready for solar power.


Tibbitts notes that Beazer is “building homes not just to the energy code, but well beyond that, and looking for opportunities to build homes that are well-built, sustainable, and comfortable. All of the homes that we're building now, coming out of the ground, they're all certified by the DOE as Zero Energy Ready Homes.”

Beazer prides itself on its high-performance building offerings and rejects the notion of merely adding solar panels to a home and labeling it sustainable. Instead, they prioritize maximizing the energy efficiency of the home through strategies such as employing energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), slab insulation, open-cell foam insulation in attic spaces, and building with studs every 24 inches to reduce lumber usage.

“In many cases, we're going to offset the entire energy needs of people living in the home and we can do it because we built the home to be efficient,” Tibbitts says. “We have the roof space because we don't have to put a huge solar system on it to offset the occupants’ energy usage because of the home’s efficiency.”

Beazer is excited to break ground on the VISION House Las Vegas project–a testament to their decade-long dedication to crafting the most energy-efficient homes possible. 

“It’ll be super exciting just to see it all come together and really show the industry and our customers and everybody else that it can be done at an attainable price on a mass scale,” says Tibbitts.

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