Cutting-Edge Technologies Form Backbone of Modular Home

Watch this video to learn about the products and technologies that make VISION House Transcend. 

VISION House Transcend aims to push the boundaries of the housing industry’s status quo. Green Builder Media and Dvele have joined forces to produce a cutting-edge demonstration project that is designed for resilient, low-impact and high-quality living. 

Transcend_demo_home_rendering with logo

The modular home is designed and assembled in a factory for precision, speed, efficiency of resource use and reduced environmental impact. The goal is to create 20-30+ home communities across the country made up of these next-generation, off-grid homes. 


In this video, Brandon Weiss, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Dvele, and Gary Hohback, project manager at Dvele, delineate what makes this project unique as they stand at the demonstration home site in Lake City, Colo. Each component and product was intricately chosen to enhance sustainability, health and ease of use for homeowners and the planet.

For example, this home will feature radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels from Uponor–prevalent in Europe but new to the United States. This system uses water to store and move energy without the energy losses and indoor air quality concerns commonly associated with forced air systems. “Now that we don’t have large ducts for heating and cooling, there is no place for dust to hide. That’s going to really optimize the levels of particulate matter in the home,” Weiss notes.

“The most interesting thing to me is that we are using a geothermal heat pump system that’s regulating the heat and allowing us to have an extremely efficient building,” Hohbach explains.

Dvele also takes an in-depth look at all materials used in their homes from an environmental and health standpoint. “There’s not a lot of emitting products within the home in terms of off-gassing, which is important since we build an airtight structure.” Weiss points out.  “This allows Dvele to control the fresh air coming into the house and the exhaust air going out of the house using an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).”

This ERV from Broan Nu-Tone works to improve indoor air quality while maximizing energy efficiency. Transferring the heat and moisture between the supply and exhaust air reduces the amount of energy needed to remove pollutants from and condition the fresh air. 

“We are rolling out all these new technologies in this project, which makes it really exciting.  We look forward to producing more homes like this one in the future,” says Hohbach.

Watch this video to learn more about the design and product choices at VISION House Transcend .