COGNITION Hot Take: Modular, Prefab, and 3D Printing

Innovations in modular and prefab homes and 3D printing are projected to disrupt the housing market, gaining market adoption due to resource and labor efficiencies. 

According to COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s suite of market intelligence services, the modular, prefab, and 3D printing sectors are mushrooming.

prefab housing word cloudThese alternative building solutions directly address mounting challenges like labor shortages, work-zone safety, environmental impact, waste management, and quality control.  

Ongoing investment in residential housing development (particularly affordable housing), renewed focus on upgrading healthcare infrastructure, and government incentives are driving growth in these categories.  

Innovations in 3D printing of structural insulated materials are on the rise, offering a lower cost, lighter weight, and structurally sound solution that can be printed onsite to reduce labor issues and hit performance targets.

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