COGNITION Hot Take: How Are We Doing?

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges. Green Builder Media wanted to know how you’re doing. Here’s how you responded.

Between COVID-19, social unrest, historic wildfires, unprecedented heat waves, and catastrophic superstorms, 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most grueling years in recent memory.


Green Builder Media wanted to know how our readers are faring in these strange times, so we sent out a survey. This is what you told us.

How are you?

  • I'm fine. It's a tough time but I'm getting through day by day: 42.79%
  • I'm good. I'm healthy, my family is safe, and my business is thriving: 23.88%
  • I'm worried. Money is tight and I'm upset about what's happening in the world: 18.91%
  • I'm terrible. I'm facing hard times with limited opportunities: 5.47%

What are you most concerned about right now?

  • Keeping myself and my family healthy and safe from COVID: 55.50%
  • Paying my bills: 13.50%
  • Finding meaningful work: 6.50%
  • Keeping my company in business: 5.00%
  • Finding enough workers to fulfill my business commitments: 2.00%
  • None of the above, I'm good!: 3.50%

What is the top global risk of highest concern to you?

  • Failure to mitigate and adapt to climate change: 31.34%
  • Coronavirus: 25.87%
  • Economic instability: 12.94%
  • Social instability: 8.46%
  • Terrorist activity, physical attacks, and gun violence: 4.98%
  • Water crisis: 3.98%
  • Extreme temperatures and weather events: 1.49%
  • Food shortages: 1.49%
  • Cyber-attacks: 0.50%

Which category do you think the Coronavirus will impact the most?

  • Health/indoor air quality: 24.75%
  • Remote working: 17.68%
  • Home healthcare/telemedicine: 14.65%
  • Self-sufficiency: 9.60%
  • Resiliency: 6.06%
  • Security: 5.05%
  • Onsite food production: 2.53%
  • Connected living/smart home: 2.02%
  • Outdoor living: 2.02%
  • Guest/in-law suites: 2.02%
  • Home fitness: 1.52%
  • Design: 1.01%
  • Building performance/energy efficiency: 0.51%
  • Solar/energy storage: 0.51%
  • Water conservation: 1.00%

How has your behavior changed due to the coronavirus?

  • I am cooking more: 56.57%
  • I am working from home: 38.38%
  • I am more aware of the indoor air quality in my home: 33.33%
  • I am spending more time outdoors: 31.82%
  • I clean my house more regularly: 31.82%
  • I am exercising more: 28.28%
  • I am more aware of my home's energy efficiency: 23.74%
  • I am more aware of my water usage: 23.74%
  • I have invested in technology to improve my indoor air quality: 16.16%
  • I am growing my own food: 14.65%
  • I have invested in technology to improve my energy efficiency: 13.13%
  • I have created a sanctuary space in my home: 13.13%
  • I have invested in smart home technology to improve my home's performance and comfort: 12.12%
  • I have redesigned or remodeled my home: 8.08%
  • I have invested in solar power: 6.06%
  • I have invested in technology to improve my water management: 5.05%

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