Builders Bullish about Green Products

According to COGNITION Smart Data, building professionals are as optimistic as ever about advances in and access to green building products.

Green Builder ProductsA recent COGNITION Smart Data survey of progressive U.S. builders reveals that these professionals are pleased with the accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and performance of sustainable products.

  • 89 percent of builders report that they believe that the quality of sustainable products is generally improving year over year.
  • 85 percent say that it is easier to decipher between authentically sustainable products versus those that are greenwashing.
  • 82 percent indicate that they try new green products and brands regularly and are pleased with their performance.
  • 86 percent agree that they’d like to see more innovation and experimentation from product manufacturers with respect to products that contribute to higher performance, efficient, healthy, resilient, smart homes.
Builders Bullish about Green Products

What are the top reasons why you would consider a new brand?

When considering a new brand, builders indicated that they prioritize performance and quality over price, followed by design, sustainable attributes, and new product features.

40 percent of builders reported that home buyers/owners make the final decisions about brand specification and product selection for their homes.

Respondents also indicated that roofing, structural systems, and siding, followed by insulation and HVAC, were the categories that are most influenced by green building and sustainability considerations, presumably because of the impact that these categories have on home performance.

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