Bring the Good Air In

At the Sonders Project, builders aim to optimize indoor air quality with interconnected home solutions. 

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As one of our latest VISION House exhibitions, The Sonders Project, located in Fort Collins, Colo., will introduce a suite of ultra-quiet and efficient ventilation products, all controlled with sensors and smart systems. 

Panasonic's indoor air quality products include spot ventilation fans for bathrooms, garages, and laundry rooms, which quietly and effectively eliminate moisture and pollutants to maintain healthy indoor air quality. 

The Sonders Project homes will have WhisperGreen Select fans, which function at multiple speeds for a customizable ventilation system, as well as SmartAction Motion Sensors and Condensation Sensors.  The SmartAction Motion Sensor detects when someone enters a room and automatically turns the fan on. The Condensation Sensor detects relative humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point and automatically turns the fan on to prevent mold and mildew.


The Intelli-Balance ERV makes sure air is balanced in the home. For example, bathroom vent fans only pull air out, so homeowners end up with negative air pressure. This ERV helps to neutralize air pressure, while saving energy and providing clean air to the household.

Energy-Efficient Ventilation 

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) will be an option for homeowners at The Sonders Project community. ERVs have two fans, one to take out stale indoor air and another to bring in fresh air.  In the winter, the Intelli-Balance ERV uniquely preheats and humidifies new, clean air. Then,  the air is filtered through a MERV 8 filter, supplying the home with fresh air.

Panasonic’s Intelli-Balance ERV is unique for its controllable Boost function and installation flexibility. This whole home ventilation system is one of the most efficient on the market and works in temperatures as low as -22 degrees F – perfect for the Fort Collins community. 


The WhisperCeiling DC is a precision spot ventilation solution that improves IAQ by effectively removing moist, polluted air from your bathroom, laundry room, sun room, basement or garage. Panasonic fans use less energy, move larger volumes of air and run cooler, which means they last longer.

“Our ventilation fans incorporate an ultra-energy efficient ECM (DC) motor that’s designed to run continuously, while saving the homeowner money,” explains Hillary Lebow, marketing communications manager at Panasonic’s Indoor Air Quality Division.

Smart Switches

The homes will also have Panasonic's Swidget switches. These easily integrated products simply replace a switch and contain interchangeable inserts to monitor things like IAQ, humidity and motion. This minimal upgrade adds smart home capabilities without the clutter.

Panasonic's Swidget devices can turn any home into a smart home with a switch or outlet. These award-winning, simple to use products are a part of Breathe Well, “The Only Complete Air Quality Solution” by Panasonic. When paired with a customizable insert, Swidget smart devices give complete control and functionality, including app control of the outlet.

The wide variety of inserts include indoor air quality, motion, temperature and humidity sensors, as well as Wi-Fi control, USB inserts and guide lights. Simply slide them into the outlet or switch and interchange them for complete customizability.

Check out The Sonders Project website for more information on the community and Panasonic’s contributions.