Air Sealing’s Role in Net Zero Homes

AeroSeal Envelope’s AeroBarrier product helps home builders hit air tightness goals, enabling them to more easily achieve code, Net Zero, or any performance standard while reducing embodied and operational carbon footprints.

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In the pursuit of sustainable development, the importance of energy-efficient homes cannot be emphasized enough. It’s no secret that reducing the energy consumption of homes makes achieving Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) and Net Zero homes easier and more affordable for builders and homeowners. 

Aeroseal, a leader in building envelope and HVAC duct air sealing, explains how “creating an airtight building envelope is the best way to reduce energy usage. Thus, reducing the number of PV solar panels needed to provide the renewable energy required and making Net Zero easier and more affordable for builders”


ENERGY STAR estimates that air leakage accounts for a substantial 25 percent to 40 percent of the energy used to heat and cool an average home in the United States. Therefore, sealing air leaks is one of the most impactful strategies to reduce the energy use and operational carbon emissions of a home. 

AeroBarrier steps in as the game-changer, simplifying the process for builders by providing an automated, efficient and affordable solution to significantly reduce air leakage in the building envelope. It works to effectively pinpoint and seal all leaks and cracks with a non-toxic, water-based formula. 

The beauty lies in the effectiveness and precision of AeroBarrier's technology, which uses pressurized air and atomized sealant sprayed into the interior of the house to find and seal air leaks, ensuring builders hit their air sealing requirement every time. The air tightness achieved is verified immediately via a continuous blower door test run during the sealing process.


With a fully sealed, efficient home, the energy needs are greatly decreased. AeroBarrier makes it more feasible and affordable for builders to construct ZERHs and reach net zero goals. Simultaneously, the lessened energy demands make it more affordable for homeowners to implement the use of solar energy and ultimately achieve Net Zero Energy.

By minimizing uncontrolled air leaks, AeroBarrier not only cuts energy consumption but also reduces the operational carbon footprint of single-family homes.

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