A Look Inside Modular Home Building Factory

VISION House Transcend boasts a unique fabrication process to address the current challenges in the housing sector.

In this video, Stace McGee, Vice President of Design and Development at Dvele, invites you for an inside look at the company’s unique prefabricated home manufacturing process. The California-based company has aimed to address the many issues currently plaguing the building industry, such as labor shortages, increased cost of materials and low home inventory levels.


“As we all know, in the United States, we have a huge housing crisis. We believe the solution to fixing that crisis is modular building,” McGee explains.

Dvele builds in a sophisticated plant with a controlled environment, away from weather that could possibly damage a home or delay the building process. The modules shift from station to station within the factory until they are ready to be delivered. Therefore, quality control and efficiency are inherent in the process.

McGee notes that “modular is an extremely efficient way of building–it’s an efficient use of resources and labor. We actually can build quicker than we can out on the site. We don't have weather delays. As we all know, we are also dealing with a labor crisis across the country – there are not enough people to build homes. In a factory-built environment, we get to solve those issues.”

Green Builder Media has partnered with Dvele on the VISION House Transcend and Transcend Communities. The homes have been designed to be especially high-performance, healthy, fully electric, resilient, and self-powered. 

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, emphasizes the need to “transform the housing industry with a cost-effective solution that can be manufactured in less than four months, and delivered and installed onsite in less than six months.”

Watch the video and visit the VISION House Transcend website to learn more about the building process, and stay tuned for the completion and delivery coming soon!