How Insulating Concrete Forms Helped Save This Home

Posted by Heather Wallace

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Aug 19, 2014 8:26:00 PM

Watch this incredible story from FLASH, A Tale of Two Homes: Superstorm Sandy. Donn Thompson of the Portland Cement Association explains the simple science of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs).



Building to current coastal construction standards is important for resilient housing. The home built with ICFs is shown below. Everything around the home was destroyed.


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This content was originally published by and has been republished with their permission. FLASH is the country’s leading consumer advocate for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from natural and manmade disasters. Their mission is to promote life safety, property protection and resiliency by empowering the community with knowledge and resources for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from natural and man-made disasters.



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