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Matt Power Editor In ChiefSolar Trumps Politics. Now that innovation and information have gone global, big oil and big government won't be able to stifle the coming of the Solar Age. Read More


August 2014: Energy Independence

OUR ANNUAL BUILDING SCIENCE ISSUE includes a special focus on renewable energy. Recent innovations,08-14GreenBuilderCover-1 especially in solar cells, could turn our current energy portfolio upside down. Get ready for a new age of geothermal heating, Passive House construction and smart conservation. READ ONLINE NOW


Green Builder Magazine Current Issue Highlights
  • Passive-House Community Rises in Maine

    This community, built to Passive House standards, uses tight construction, extra insulation and passive orientation to create cozy, efficient homes in a challenging climate. FULL STORY

  • Celestia Energy Independence

    Celestia Chapter 5: Decarbonization

    The future is solar. That's the forecast offered in the latest chapter of The Celestia Project, our year-long look at emerging technologies. Move over fossil fuel, the age of advanced PV is imminent. (Full Text Here)

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Geothermal: Ready for Prime Time
WaterFurnace Geothermal Illustration

Thanks to innovations in both installation and equipment, geothermal heating and cooling systems are poised for rapid growth. See our digital edition for full text here.


Texas CodesPlanning, Texas Style. As a "home rule" State, Texas allows third parties to enforce its building codes, but doesn't enforce them. This can work either for or against the interest of contractors and building inspectors. READ MORE