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Matt Power Editor In ChiefGreen is More Than a Movement. Building green is not something we have the option to choose or discard, like a social movement. It's key to our survival. Read More


Oct 2014: Material World

EIGHT CASE STUDIES demonstrate alternatives to conventional stick-frame construction that put energy efficiency, sustainable materials and building health front and center.This month's Celestia Project looks closely at the five materials that are causing the most environmental damage, and what builders can do.

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Green Builder Magazine Current Issue Highlights
  • Celestia Ch. 7: Material World Interactive Imagge

    Celestia Chapter 7: Material World

    Resource Use for building needs to be changed. That's the tenet of this month's chapter of The Celestia Project, our year-long look at how we might survive and thrive between now and the year 2100. Full text here.

  • The Log Home Redux

    Arborwall combines factory efficiency, rapidly renewable cedar and a unique wall system to create durable homes with flexible design options. Full text here.

  • Sustainable Building Blocks

    E2 Homes used aerated autoclaved concrete blocks to construct a net-zero energy home in a difficult southern climate. Full text here.

  • Distributed Solar in Bangladesh

    Modest solar PV systems are transforming families’ lives in the South Asian country—and bringing much-needed green jobs to the economy.


Spotlight on Eco-friendly Siding Products

We compare sustainable cladding options, from sidebysidewood, masonry and stucco to fiber cement and the latest  in composite technology.  Read More.


ecoSelect logoecoSelect: A New Green Building Program. Why are builders flocking to this new program, only a couple of years old?. Read More