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Conserving and Restoring the World's Fresh Water Starts Now

The recent California drought has brought a new awareness of the true value of fresh water. We've created this repository of articles, videos and how-to tips to help you take charge of your water use, starting now.

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Full Circle

In order to conserve and manage fresh water use at home, we need to slow the flow.

  • U.S. Household Water Use

    Lawns and Toilets Use Most. But there are plenty of other areas around the house to tighten up, including leaks. It's important to address the biggest water wasters first.

  • Rachio Smart Irrigation Smartphone App

    Hands On. New "intelligent" irrigation controls such as this one from Rachio allow remote monitoring and automatic control of irrigation based on local rainfall and soil sensors.

  • Grundfos

    Water Loss and Solutions. Check out this infographic from Grundfos.


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