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Celestia: Our Abundant Future

The Celestia Project is a nine-part odyssey, a vision of a sustainable, joyous life in the year 2100. Join us.



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  • Download the Interactive Celestia Project Ebook
  • Discovery of Celestia time capsule

    DISCOVERY OF THE CELESTIA TIME CAPSULE in Central Park triggers worldwide response, new efforts to address ecological crises.

  • Celestia Project Researchers

    EXPERTS SIFT through the 9 compartments of the CELESTIA capsule, releasing their analysis of one chapter per month, beginning in April 2014.

  • Celestia News Announcer

    VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR media outlet in the U.S.offers a perspective on what Celestia means. 

  • Celestia Harmony

    NATURAL HARMONY. Documents from the Celestia capsule discusses how future citizens reversed the loss of biodiversity.


  • Celestia Time Capsule Discovered
    Time Capsule. Discovery of the Celestia capsule leads to a series of earth-shaking revelations about our future. The public first learns about the significance of the find on Earth Day, April 2014.
  • Celestia Time Capsule Discovered

    International Shock. Coverage of the Celestia capsule has ranged form ecstatic to paranoid. Fox News called it "a communist plot to create a new generation of hippies and potheads," despite the fact that more than 1,200 scientists and academic experts believe the capsule's message to be authentic.

  • Celesta Capsule Analysis

    Analysis Underway. Experts from more than 80 countries pour over documents, artifacts and videos, describing the many ways that future generations addressed today's dire environmental crises.

  • Celestia Kitchen of the Future

    Localized Food. The Celestia depiction of a kitchen in the year 2100 shows that localism and self-reliance have prevailed over factory farms and food scarcity. For more details, see the interactive image (click image).

  • Harmony with Nature

    On the Edge. Depictions of future life portray dense cities overlooking varied and biodiverse landscapes.

  • Transportation in 2100

    Modes of Travel. Future transportation options will include autonomous, zero net energy vehicles on solar roads, PV-powered air transport, ultra-light composite frictionless rail, and most importantly, walking and biking.

  • Celestia City of the Future

    The Good City. The city of 2100 will look a lot like early American and European cities, with narrow streets, dense, multi-purpose buildings, easy access to greenspace, exercise and entertainment, optimized use of solar particle coatings and other high tech methods of energy conversion.

  • Playing God

    Playing God. As robotics, augmented reality and human/machine interfacing improves, building are constructed remotely, sometimes by millennials, from hundreds of miles away.

  • Celestia Energy Independence

    Energy Independence. Solar power ascends to the forefront of world power production, due to leapfrogging advances in panel cost, efficiency and availability. As solar power becomes more cost efficient than fossil fuels, subsidies shift to power the future of clean energy.

  • Celestia Water Conservation 2100
    Rehydration. Changes in the priorities of fresh water conservation, combined with new technologies such as advanced drip irrigation, "fit for use" water supply and other ideas restore Earth's natural hydrology.
  • Celestia Project Material World
    Material World. To avoid the worst case scenarios of Climate Change, the building industry changes the way it uses the five most polluting materials: steel, cement, plastics, paper and aluminum.

The Museum of the Future

Wondering which technologies and ideas will be obsolete in 90 years? The Celestia capsule gives us a glimpse of future "has beens."

  • The Last McMansion
    The Last McMansion. As cities become more liveable, the wasteful American suburban dream of the 1950s fades, ultimately becoming an embarassing chapter in U.S.history.
  • The Last Air Conditioner
    The Last Air Conditioner. Air conditioning--especially window units like this one, have becom a major environmental problem. Time to consign them to the dustbin of history.
  • The Last Combustion Engine
    The Last Combustion Engine. New technologies will make fossil-fuel burning engines seem like highly inefficient dinosaurs by 2100. Electric drives and charging stations, clean biofuels, better battery storage and other converging technologies will mothball the old gas guzzlers.
  • The 2000-Mile Salad
    The 2000-Mile Salad. The age of the international supermarket is over, as local foods become the gold standard for good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.
  • Celestia Museum of the Future Septic Systems
    Unsustainable Flow. The days of standalone septic systems with holding tanks that need to be pumped every year are over, as are the water-wasting sprinkler and hose systems (not to mention lawns!) of the wasteful Suburban Age.
  • The Last Lawn
    Weight Loss Ahead. As combustion engines are phased out, the age of the manicured lawn comes to a rapid end.