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Celestia Project Takes Top Honors in FOLIO Awards

Posted by Heather Wallace, GBM Marketing

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Nov 6, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Winning series highlights a sustainable, joyous life in the year 2100 with resilience, renewable power and a restored natural balance.

The judges have spoken: Green Builder's nine-part series on life in an “Ecotopian” future received one of journalism’s most prestigious awards, winning an Eddie in the national Folio competition, up against top entries from several of the construction industry's biggest publishing companies.

"It really gives you hope that the public is ready for a new direction, a vision that is not dystopian, but positive, constructive and hopeful," says series author Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief of Green Builder magazine.aprilcover

The Celestia Project was a massive project that took a year to produce, and includes dozens of original illustrations, complex timelines, videos and research on current and evolving trends that are pointing toward sustainability. Topics include:

  • food security (highlighting the kitchen of the future)
  • living in harmony with nature (the answer to apathy-proof conservation)
  • transportation and density (driverless cars, slow transit, and revolutionary cities)
  • technology and building science (building with robots, 3d printers, and augmented reality)
  • energy independence (the lowdown on power sources)
  • fresh water conservation (radical, everyday changes to conserving water)
  • sourcing of raw materials (new thoughts on the materials we build with)
  • resilience: storm and fire resistance (building with extreme weather in mind)
  • community living (what it means to live with and near other people and the role of happiness)

What happens now? Green Builder continues to incorporate the themes from the Celestia Project into its vision of right-sized living, smart cities, and an empathic, compassionate future. Download the free, interactive Celestia Project Ebook

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