Why High-Performance Insulation Matters

At The Sonders Project, Thrive Home Builders is leaning on Owens Corning insulation to help meet the community’s energy efficiency, healthy home, and net-zero requirements.

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Green Builder Media is teaming up with the highly esteemed Thrive Home Builders on The Sonders Project, a 375-home sustainable community in the beautiful Fort Collins, Colo. This three-year endeavor aims to demonstrate the possibilities surrounding environmentally-conscious design, development, and building practices.  

The new townhomes and homes will combine the latest technology with efficient and sustainability-focused products. Each product utilized in the project has been specifically selected to contribute to a goal of reaching net-zero energy, water, and carbon. 

The Impact of Insulation

In the front range of Colorado, Fort Collins experiences cold winters and extreme heat in the summer. High-performance insulation helps modulate temperatures and offset energy demand resulting in increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

However, temperature control isn’t the only benefit insulation has to offer. Indoor air quality is extremely dependent on the quality and functionality of insulation. In Colorado, the spring and summer months are synonymous with wildfire smoke. A tight building envelope keeps Indoor Air Quality at healthy levels and provides relief during smoky days.  

Owens Corning at The Sonders Project

As a valuable partner to Thrive over the years, Owens Corning is providing the insulation needs for The Sonders Project. 


Trey McNamee, Marketing Leader for Residential Insulation at Owens Corning, says the company is “excited to be part of a project that is aligned with our stance on high performance, sustainability, and using new innovative materials to achieve those objectives.”

Specifically, the homes will be decked out with Owens Corning’s ProPink Loosefill Insulation. The product is extremely versatile and achieves high-performance results in both walls and attics. It fits every cavity, installs quickly and is a cost-effective option for powerful insulation.  

The ProPink insulation at The Sonders Project will keep residents comfortable, and heating and cooling costs down.

Similar to the project goals, Owens Corning is dedicated to creating products that enhance the health of residents and the environment. For example, the ProPink insulation is free of harmful chemicals and is resistant to moisture, fungus and mold growth. 

With the highest recycled content rate in the insulation industry, ProPink contains 55% reclaimed material. Owens Corning also has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to provide transparency on their products regarding environmental and human health impacts over long-term use.

Owens Corning takes its role as a corporate citizen very seriously and aims to lead the charge as an ethical company with an industry-leading approach to environmental awareness and action.