The Evolving Definition of Healthy Home and What Consumers Crave

Watch Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, discusses the major trends in healthy homes and opportunities for building pros.

webinar featured imageThe evolving definition of healthy homes brought about by the pandemic offers a tremendous opportunity for homeowners, building professionals, and manufacturers to participate in market transformation. Now is the time for building pros to add value to their products, solutions, and homes, particularly regarding indoor air quality.

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As the importance of a healthy home environment increases, the definition of what constitutes a healthy home is expanding into something entirely new. Today’s home buyers exhibit interest in:

  • How to rid homes of indoor toxins and maintain good indoor air quality
  • Lifestyle-enabled floorplans.
  • Responsible life choices.
  • Healthy cooking and fitness.
  • Emotional stability and feeling safe in a stress-free home.

This webinar will explore how shifting consumer expectations, purchase preferences, and buying behaviors are placing new demands on building professionals and manufacturers alike, including brand-new research and information on:

  • What consumers now think are necessities for healthy living.
  • What healthy home language and marketing efforts best resonate with consumers.
  • How new smart IAQ product solutions make it easy to transform homes into truly healthy environments.
  • How the 45+ crowd views healthy homes and product and design nuances that attract them.
  • How men and women differ in what they focus on when considering indoor air quality.
  • And much, much more!

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