Video: Builder Shares Key Mountain Modern Design Elements

The owner of VISION House Mariposa Meadows explains the decision making process behind the selection of leading edge products, used to enhance the design and sustainability of this off-grid project.

Ron Jones, the owner of Mariposa Meadows and co-founder and president of Green Builder Media, has spent the last eight years building his passion project–VISION House Mariposa Meadows. The homes are an intricate demonstration of how sustainable living and innovative technology can work together to create a net-zero project.

Mariposa Meadows interior

This video series is dedicated to the unique and environmentally friendly products at VISION House Mariposa Meadows. As the structures are nearing completion, Jones eagerly shares his thoughts on the standout products that made this project possible.

In this short video, Jones discusses the design details that enhance the project’s sleek, mountain modern aesthetic. For example, Jones explains that he chose to work with TruStile for interior doors because of the variety of design options and product quality. 

“They supplied beautifully detailed products with leather to copper inlays and very advanced detailing”, Jones explains. Additionally, Jones wanted to have doors with a one-hour fire rating. “We were able to accomplish that with these gorgeous, solid-core doors that don’t look industrial,” he says.

To augment the aesthetic of the doors, Schlage locks were added for security. “They are done in a beautiful brushed nickel,” Jones adds. The handles, lock sets and touchpads all match and work seamlessly for a solid feel of security.

Finally, Jones gushes over Nick Harmon’s creation of Fresco Harmony, a color additive for drywall compound. Not only does it skip the step of painting, but it also creates an elegant addition to a room or house at a competitive price. 

“Fresco Harmony gives the look and feel that you would expect from Venetian plaster,” explains Jones. “It’s not only beautiful, it’s easy to maintain, it’s easy to touch up, and it takes your interior surface to the next level.”

Follow along for more videos as Jones explains the intricate product selection process for VISION House Mariposa Meadows.