The Future of Energy: Microgrids

Our nation’s current energy infrastructure is outdated and antiquated. Watch this video to hear a solar luminary’s thoughts on his ideal energy system.

The VISION House Mariposa is located on an 123-acre inholding in the middle of millions of acres of national forest and wilderness areas. Given the remote location, Green Builder Media had to get creative about the off-grid solar system for the compound. 

After extensive research, Green Builder Media chose Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion Technology for the battery storage system due to its performance, longevity, and eco-friendly characteristics.

Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, had the chance to sit down with Henk Rogers, CEO and founder of Blue Planet Energy, to discuss the benefits of Blue Ion Technology and the future of energy use.

Rogers explained what makes Blue Ion Technology unique and more sustainable than other types of battery solutions. He also suggested that the future of our energy system is microgrids. 


“We still live in a world where there are single points of failure that power islands or cities. So, the future energy system will rely more on localized microgrids with local storage. With local microgrids, at times when we need more power, we can borrow some from the neighbor. And the microgrids will be connected and be indestructible like the Internet, which doesn't have a single point of failure.”

He also emphasized the importance of managing peak loads and demand side energy management for a seamless integration–for example, informing energy users when to conserve energy to reduce costs and grid stress.

Watch the video to learn more about Blue Planet Energy and Rogers’ thoughts on a reconstructed energy system.