Ready for a Dose of Inspiration?

Life flies by at breakneck speed and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to refresh your enthusiasm and reinforce your commitment by listening to the recorded sessions from the Sustainability Symposium 2023. 

Green Builder Media recently hosted our seventh annual Sustainability Symposium 2023: The Great Conversion, considered to be one of the most interesting and innovative sustainability events of the year. 

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During the Sustainability Symposium 2023, we explored innovative ideas for curbing climate change and delved into specific solutions that will enable us to build life-giving, regenerative, circular economies. 

Our illustrious presenters investigated the shifting dynamics of a decarbonization economy, what it means to electrify everything, the ESG imperative, and the transition from an economy that focuses solely on profitability to one that successfully values and incorporates sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social justice. 

If you weren’t able to tune in the whole time (or at all), don’t fret! You can check out the recorded sessions to glean all of the invaluable insight and information you need to continue your quest for enhanced sustainability in your personal and professional life.

Here is an overview of the sessions:

  • The Great Energization: Transition to Electrification—Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) explored how we can transition to an all-electric built environment and transportation system with innovative technologies, bold leadership, and creative policies. He shared information about the bipartisan Electrification Caucus and provided specific examples that show how we’re shifting to a clean energy economy.
  • The Great Decarbonization: Buildings Reborn—Panama Bartholomy, Director of the Building Decarbonization Coalition, discussed the urgent need to decarbonize the built environment at scale and outlined how we can expedite the process through rigorous codes, policies, and emissions standards as well as expedited adoption of electrification technologies, utility system transition, and gas phaseout plans.
  • The Great Rehumanizing: Cities Regenerated—Real estate developer and urban revitalization specialist Majora Carter shared a colorful story about how she is working with her community to transform the South Bronx into a thriving sustainable mixed-use local economy that increases generational wealth for residents, offering advice about how to export the model to other urban markets.
  • The Great Resocialization: New Consumer Zeitgeist—Author, political strategist, and sustainable brand expert Ashlee Piper imparted compelling insights into how Millennials and Gen Zs are transforming the marketplace through measured consumerism and unparalleled demand for environmental and social justice, creating opportunities for businesses to craft bold solutions that meet the challenges of our moment.
  • The Great Reprioritization: Turning Talk into Action—Cheyenne Hunt, progressive activism attorney and political advisor, offered a cross-generational view on how the undaunted optimism of younger generations is transforming the current national dialogue and yielding a total reimagination of our culture.
  • The Great Transformation: Political, Policy and Market Journey to 1.5 Degrees—Reuven Carlyle, climate entrepreneur and former Washington state Senator presented a passionate and well-informed strategic plan for how we can meet our climate goals, highlighting corporate, government, and individual efforts within the Pacific Coast region to creatively and effectively cut emissions and price carbon.

These sessions helped me gain some much-needed perspective, bolstered my faith in human resiliency, and strengthened my resolve that we can solve for the challenges of our time. I hope that the sessions revitalize you in the same way.

One last special thanks to our sponsors, Trane Technologies and Whirlpool Corporation, for their generous support of the Sustainability Symposium 2023: The Great Conversion. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Sustainability Symposium 2024!