COGNITION Hot Take: Millennials Flooding the Housing Market

Millennials and older Gen-Zers have become the housing industry’s top influencers, as indicated by mortgage activity.  

According to COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s suite of market intelligence services, Millennials are inundating the housing market, taking advantage of sub-3% mortgage rates and locking in historically low 30-year rates at an average of 3.256%.

Millennial Mortgages in JulyHome purchase and refinancing mortgages are surging, with projections for continued growth as Millennials and older Gen-Zs continue to hit their peak homebuying potential.

In response to this market momentum, lenders are expanding affordable loan options and requiring less stringent credit scores on certain types of debt vehicles, like Federal Housing Administration loans (although requirements for FICO scores did increase during the pandemic as risk-averse lenders shielded themselves from economic uncertainty).

The majority of Millennials qualifying for loans are married (60%) and male (57%), and the average loan amount is just over $211,000.

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