Building Product Innovations You May Not Have Heard About

Building Product Innovations You May Not Have Heard About

These four building product companies bring extra to the table when it comes to innovation and sustainability.

The following manufacturers offer green products, but they also innovate in ways that may not be apparent to consumers. From go-to-market strategies to end-of-life recycling technologies and programs, these manufacturers take smart and sustainable to a new level.

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RoofCycle process by GAF Energy 

Looking to make roofing more sustainable, GAF implemented the RoofCycle process, which was a standout at the show. This shingle recycling method is designed to reduce landfill waste by repurposing shingle waste into new shingles. 

The process diverts shingle waste from landfills, utilizing approximately 90% of this material in the manufacturing of new shingles, which contain about 7% recycled content. This initiative is part of GAF's commitment to sustainable roofing, aiming to significantly reduce the environmental impact of roofing materials.

RoofCycle GAF

Savant Power Modules by Savant

Savant’s Power Modules are designed to revolutionize home energy management by providing insights into their energy usage. This solution enables precise monitoring of energy consumption, offers real-time control over your power distribution, and provides instant alerts for circuit breaker trips or grid outages through the app. 

Compatible with various circuit breaker sizes, these modules are versatile and can be installed in any major electrical panel style. Homeowners can choose to make their electrical box fully smart or can pick and choose individual circuits to make smart, offering a sustainable and informed way to manage power usage.

Savant Power Modules

ABC Supply’s One-stop Solar Shop

ABC Supply now stocks everything you need to put solar on a roof. With the increase in the availability and affordability of renewable energy sources, more and more homeowners and builders are opting to include an independent source of energy for their homes. 

ABC Supply wanted to offer all products in one place to make this process easier for builders. They offer panels, racks, storage systems, EV chargers, inverters and solar accessories. Stop by one of their several stores to see their collection of solar products from reputable companies like JinkoSolar and Panasonic.

ABC Supply one stop solar shop

Kohler WasteLAB

The WasteLAB project by Kohler is an innovative initiative focused on sustainability and repurposing waste materials into valuable products. This endeavor transforms various by-products from Kohler's manufacturing processes, such as pottery cull, waste enamel powder, glaze overspray, vitreous cull, and iron slag, into beautiful and functional ceramic tiles, vessels, and other decorative items. 

A testament to Kohler's commitment to environmental stewardship, the WasteLAB project not only diverts thousands of pounds of waste from landfills but also contributes to the company's goal of achieving net-zero waste to landfill by 2035. The project combines design, engineering, and craftsmanship to inspire a reevaluation of manufacturing processes and promote a more sustainable approach to product development.

WasteLab by Kohler-1