2024 Green Builder Sustainable Products of the Year

From ‘new and improved’ to ‘cutting edge,’ these highlighted sustainable products are a grab bag of green. 

Sustainable_Products_of_the_Year-2024_logo for emailAt one time, everything we now buy, use or own was new and groundbreaking. Most of these items have been upgraded many times. Green Builder’s “Sustainable Products of the Year” lineup for 2024 includes some of these classic fixtures. But there are also eye-popping innovations making their debut. 
Our 2024 roster manufactures items that encourage sustainability through innovative technology and vision. For returnees, reappearing on our list reinforces their enviro-friendly actions. For newcomers, it’s a chance for their products to become tomorrow’s classics.


No natural gas used, a definite energy savings and green construction make Whirlpool’s KitchenAid 4-Element Induction Slide-In Convection Range a sustainable product. Ease of use makes the 6.4-cubic-foot, 30-inch model an eye catching one for consumers. 

Billed as “a sophisticated blend of precision and versatility,” the 4-Element Induction Slide-In Convection Range features a sensor-induction cooktop that directs heat precisely within cookware. Regular electric cooktops lose heat as it travels from the element through the surface of the cooktop. However, sensor induction results in little-to-no heat loss from the surface of the appliance to a serving platter. Induction cooktops also offer exceptional responsiveness to temperature changes, and a homeowner does not need to wait for the coil to cool when lowering the heat setting. A user may quickly go from a rolling boil to a gentle simmer.

Whirlpool KitchenAid kitchen 300

Using 60 percent less energy with every load, the 2024 All-In-One WashCombo from LG Electronics can wash and dry clothing in under two hours with help from the Inverter Heat Pump technology, without having to alternate the load. With LG’s advanced inverter heat pump incorporated into the ventless electric dryer, it specializes in low-temperature drying without damage to fabric, and it can be installed virtually anywhere with a standard 120-volt plug.

The ENERGY STAR-certified WashCombo also saves water. It has built-in sensors with AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size. It automatically selects the right wash motions and temperatures, dispenses detergent and softener, and selects the drying motions level for more-advanced fabric care. The super-large 5.0-cubic-foot capacity means fewer loads, further conserving energy and water. 
LG’s washer-dryers also pair with the TWINWash feature, the SideKick mini-washer that is ideal for cleaning delicates or daily workout gear without the need for additional space. And, the WashCombo is compatible with the ThinQ app, which enables updates, downloadable features, diagnostic alerts and maintenance via an owner’s smartphone.

When appliance shopping, homeowners are increasingly taking environmental aspects as well as aesthetics into consideration. Bertazzoni’s latest Professional Series range is a very big step—the company’s biggest thus far—into the benefits of induction cooking.

LG All-in-One WashCombo

Bertazzoni’s 48-inch induction range delivers functionality, design and easy cleanup while conserving energy and preserving indoor air quality. The unit features one continuous cooking surface—the largest the company has ever offered—with six high-power heating zones with a maximum power output of 3,700 watts. The right-side heating zones can be bridged to create a larger cooking area. Each induction area has a convenient read-out interface on the glass worktop. The range also features a dedicated air-frying mode for healthier cooking, digital-timed cooking functions and sensor-controlled cookware detection.

Meanwhile, the unit’s 4.6-cubic-foot oven is designed to maximize interior volume and can be wiped clean without effort. A 2.4-cubic-foot auxiliary oven is perfect for smaller dishes and for warming. Both ovens include features such as smooth telescopic glides for shelves and soft-close doors. And, the range’s new extra dark Carbonio finish provides a seamless blend from the hood to the kitchen surface.

Bertazzoni 48-inch Induction Range [crop]

Bath and Lighting

DMF Lighting’s collection of modular 2-inch downlights feature field-changeable trims, modules and optics for exceptional versatility, performance, installation, serviceability and sustainability. The downlights are free of toxins and harmful chemicals deemed non-sustainable. The energy-efficient LED downlights are also ENERGY STAR rated and only consume 9.5 watts to 16.5 watts, depending on desired brightness.

Drivers are integrated into the light engine modules versus the housing for easy serviceability. Because housing can be reused, there is no need to rip out the ceiling when wanting to change optics and trims, or when LED chips are upgraded as technology continues to advance. 

Meanwhile, in a breakthrough for error-free installation, the downlights are shipped with a patent-pending collar to eliminate over-cutting and drywall repair, which is common with small-aperture fixtures. The collar provides depth adjustment and a secure fit, making flush-to-ceiling installation in drywall or millwork easy to achieve. It also provides overspray protection.

Housings and modules can ship separately so the housings can be installed before the lighting design is finalized, reducing onsite storage requirements and helping an installer maintain a tight project deadline.

DMF Lighting_X Series Downlights_1500-1

Niagara’s Phantom One Piece toilet is a blend of design and award-winning
technology, offering industry-leading performance and water efficiency that helps customers reduce water consumption and alleviate high utility bills. The Phantom One Piece toilet includes Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology, which has re-engineered the flush into a high-power, low-maintenance, virtually clog-free, water-efficient solution that has saved billions of gallons of the world’s water. The WaterSense-certified unit also has a vacuum-assist pull and a noise-canceling tank for a whisper-quiet flush at 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF).

The Phantom One Piece displays a modern, sleek design that is ideal for residential and multifamily properties. It also offers a comfortable elongated bowl and ADA height. Its design offers a concealed trapway that is aesthetically pleasing and makes it one of the easiest toilets to clean.

Builders and plumbing professionals will find the convenience of a pre-assembled tank extremely useful—the Phantom can be installed quickly and efficiently. The Phantom also offers an extra-large footprint so that replacement requires little to no floor repair.

Niagara Phantom One Piece front


With cement becoming a huge environmental problem—experts estimate that producing 1 kilogram (kg) of concrete also means sending 1 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—Fortera developed the ReCarb process, a groundbreaking method to manufacture low-carbon cement within the existing production infrastructure. ReCarb generates cement with 70 percent less CO2 from its proprietary chemistry. When combined with green energy, cement becomes zero CO2 emission, and when combined with green energy and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)  techniques, CO2 emissions prevention surpasses 100 percent, meaning it actually absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. 
This transformative bolt-on technology seamlessly integrates with current cement facilities, leveraging the entire production framework, from machinery to feedstocks, to ensure a globally scalable solution for sustainable cement manufacturing.

The ReCarb process results in ReAct, a green cement that meets regulatory standards and can be blended with or used in place of traditional cement. It can be blended into ASTM C150, C595, or C1157-ASTM C150. Industry applications include Portland Limestone Cement, Slag Extender, Fly Ash Extender, PLC Extender, LC3 Enabled, Fiber-Cement Board and Lightweight Aggregate.

Fortera - ReAct Particle 300

Preflex Inc.’s Preflex Building System harnesses the power of building information modeling (BIM) and offsite fabrication to engineer and manufacture structural insulated panels (SIPs). The SIPs include a solid core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) structurally laminated between two oriented strand board (OSB) skins, resulting in superior energy efficiency, unmatched comfort, exceptional air quality, flexible design, robust structural strength, and a construction process that is twice as fast compared to traditional stick framing.

The system also dramatically reduces environmental impacts and jobsite waste, and all manufacturing waste is recycled. Preflex structures emit 45 percent less CO2 annually than traditional stick frame buildings, significantly contributing to a greener planet. The airtight construction eliminates contaminants such as dust and pollen coming into the building, prevents mold growth, and reduces noise pollution. A Preflex SIP home uses 40-60 percent less energy than its stick frame counterpart.

The Preflex SIPs’ resilience against natural disasters result in stronger homes that can lead to lower insurance costs, and their superior energy performance often results in higher appraisal values.

PreFlex Building

Fortress Building Products’ Evolution steel deck framing system leverages the proven advantages of steel. This comprehensive system is manufactured with mild carbon steel, which is formed into light-gauge steel (LGC) components. The recyclable building material has a yield strength roughly 10 times greater than wood, and flexes with force. And, steel framing should last at least 50 years, long beyond treated wood, which needs to be stained and sealed every few years and replaced every two decades.

Steel is also noncombustible, which means that it can help builders and contractors complete fire-safe projects in regions that are prone to wildfires, or densely populated urban areas where fires can spread rapidly.

The material’s capacity for load-bearing weight has a direct correlation with its ability to provide greater spans. For example, fewer posts are required, which frees up more usable space underneath a customer’s upper-level deck. Contractors are not handcuffed by the span limitations of wood joists, allowing for greater design flexibility with design. They can also conserve resources and support a more-sustainable project. 

FBP_Evolution Steel Deck Framing_option 2

GMX Group/Novawood North America’s Thermowood Ayous lumber combines the elegance of premium wood aesthetics with cutting-edge thermal modification technology. Harvested from fast-growing Ayous trees, this premium lumber ensures minimal environmental impact. It allows architects and designers to elevate projects with quality, durability and the sophisticated look of Ayous wood.

Crucial for ceiling, wall and rainscreen applications, the lumber’s thermal modification process significantly reduces moisture content, making Thermowood Ayous a lightweight material with exceptional adaptability and minimal need for maintenance. The thermally modified lumber is up to 300 percent drier than standard wood species, allowing easy handling, simplified installation and reduction of labor. The process also increases the wood’s resistance to decay, insects and moisture. 

Thermowood has a smaller ecological footprint compared to concrete and steel. Concrete and steel production requires 3 to 4 times more water and almost twice as many fossil fuels, exacerbating environmental strain. While growing, wood captures carbon dioxide and stores it, effectively reducing atmospheric carbon levels. And, aiding in controlling noise levels within interiors, Ayous offers natural acoustic properties that contribute to sound absorption to create more comfortable indoor environments.

GMX Thermowood Ayous 1

Controls and Sensors

Uponor’s Smatrix Pulse is a smart solution for maximum energy efficiency. The unit is a wireless control system that provides radiant and air-side comfort for multiple zones in a home. Homeowners can enjoy precise control of their radiant floor heating as well as their forced-air heating and cooling systems with one solution that connects to a smart home assistant. It can be controlled remotely via the Smatrix Pulse app or a favorite voice assistant. 

The system measures air, surface and floor temperatures in each zone with embedded operative sensors in the thermostats, along with optional slab sensors. The system includes revolutionary autobalancing technology for the radiant side, providing homeowners with 25 percent faster radiant reaction times and up to 20 percent greater energy savings. The control system includes the latest encryption technology and options for personal settings to ensure homeowner information is safe. 

Installation is easy for contractors with the elimination of thermostat wiring. Also, plus no internet is needed with the Installation Wizard in the Smatrix Pulse app. Users experience long-lasting, intelligent design with the latest technology and cloud functionality from the experts in radiant heating. 

Uponor SmatrixPulseThermostat_LadyGraySweater

The combined technology of Resideo’s First Alert L Series Water Leak Damage Defense System stops water waste and damage at the source, responding to water alerts with an automatic shutoff response for simple water damage prevention. 

First Alert L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector senses water leaks, temperature changes and humidity, and sends homeowners an alert via the Resideo app or the device when a leak or freeze is detected, or when the temperature or humidity levels are outside a set range. 

The new First Alert L2 WiFi Water Sensor and Switch helps give customers added water damage protection from condensate overflow. The compact device can automatically shut off or turn on HVAC equipment — including air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and pumps – if condensation or moisture is sensed where it doesn’t belong.

First Alert L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve can automatically turn water off if a leak is detected by a sensor cable or a paired L1 or L2. The L5 can be controlled through auto shutoff, remotely via the Resideo app, or with a manual override to turn water on or off.

Resideo L2-TWLD3005-c1-6

Siemens’ Inhab Energy Monitor (IEM) continuously monitors a home’s electrical system by allowing an owner to set alerts, manage peak demand and control energy costs. Unlike some energy monitors, IEM connects directly to key circuits—such as for the furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, washer, and electric vehicle charger. This means no algorithms, no guessing and no waiting for results. Data is accessed in real time, which provides a homeowner with meaningful insight into how to take control of energy usage, reduce the electric bill and make a home more sustainable and efficient.

With IEM, a homeowner can receive notifications for savings opportunities or abnormal energy behavior, shift usage patterns from peak to off-peak rates, compare past usage to set achievable goals, and track and manage solar energy usage. Setup and monitoring uses the Siemens mobile app.

IEM is part of Inhab—the Intelligent Habitat—a suite of cutting-edge energy monitoring and control products designed to help homeowners meet the ever-increasing electrical demands of modern homes. The Inhab suite is fully UL approved and adheres to the most up-to-date national electrical codes and standards.

Siemens - inhab-energy-monitor-phone-app-intelligent-habitat

Building owners and operators searching for ways to decarbonize and reduce energy consumption can look at Trane Autonomous Control powered by BrainBox AI. The product uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continuously identify and perform system optimization actions. An enhancement to existing Trane Tracer SC+ systems, Trane Autonomous Control is self motivated, constantly observing, correcting and improving, and does so without the need for human intervention.

Available as a secure, cloud-based service that requires no additional hardware, the product is a highly scalable AI tool that acts as a single solution for multiple locations. The service can adapt to your building portfolio as it evolves.

The product’s augmentation of control systems enables users to capture and synthesize a wealth of real-time and predictive data, including occupancy levels, weather patterns, and system performance information, to optimize efficiency and carbon reduction without sacrificing comfort; improve system performance and reduce operating and maintenance costs without investing in additional equipment or overburdening employees; and support sustainability goals by reducing energy use by up to 25 percent and minimizing carbon emissions by 20 to 40 percent.
Trane energy-services-header medium-1-1-300

Cooling and Heating

The Infinity 24 Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence takes Carrier’s most advanced technology to the next level. Greenspeed Intelligence is created by pairing adaptable-speed technology with the Infinity System Control. The unit’s unique, variable-speed compressor allows it to adapt its output to the needs of the home. With adjustments between 25 and 100 percent capacity, it gives the home the necessary amount of cooling or heating. This allows the system to operate longer at steadier, lower capacities, which ensures extreme energy efficiency, comfortable humidity levels and quiet operation with tighter temperature control than standard systems.

The unit is ENERGY STAR certified, operates quietly, at as little as 51 decibels, and removes up to 400 percent more moisture than standard systems. When compared to a standard efficiency heat pump, the Infinity 24 2-ton model can save up to $77 a year in cooling and up to $182 a year in heating.

Carrier’s Infinity 24 Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence supports the company’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals of reducing its customers’ carbon footprint by more than 1 gigaton. 


Households generate 72 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and switching to a heat pump can reduce that impact. Rheem’s Endeavor Line Classic Plus Series Universal Heat Pump RD17AZ boasts reduced emissions and less environmental impact while also offering precise comfort. RD17AZ works with nearly any heating and cooling system option, including EcoNet Enabled and non-communicating systems, or as a universal replacement with minimal alterations required.
And just like a vehicle’s MPG rating, the higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio/Energy Efficiency Ratio/Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (SEER2/EER2/HSPF2) rating, the higher the efficiency of a heat pump, resulting in more energy savings.

The cutting-edge, highly efficient RD17AZ (19 SEER2/12 EER2/8.5 HSPF2) has an EcoNet Enabled heat pump system with a 7-millimeter condenser coil, which reduces refrigerant requirements up to 15 percent. This lowers the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, while also contributing to Rheem’s sustainability goal of a 50 percent reduction in its greenhouse gas footprint by 2025.

Rheem Jagaur Universal HP-R1300

Jaga’s cutting-edge indoor climate control solution is in the realm of HVAC technology. The product is an independently active chilled beam system that offers unparalleled efficiency in temperature regulation while significantly reducing energy consumption. This innovative system harnesses the power of chilled water to extract heat from indoor air, ensuring a consistently comfortable environment without the hefty energy bills or carbon footprint.

A 24-volt scroll cage fan circulates cool or warm air through a high-capacity hydronic coil, eliminating the need for conventional ductwork. This reduces material requirements and streamlines the installation process, making it a perfect fit for residential environments.

The unit can deliver up to 18 MBH of cooling by using chilled water that is just 43 degrees Fahrenheit. It operates on a mere 54 watts of 24-volt DC power, which translates to an efficiency of 0.08 per cubic feet per minute per watt. Moreover, its integrated condensate tray expertly manages condensation, ensuring a dry and comfortable space. And, the unit requires requires no line voltage electrical connections, further simplifying its installation and use.

Jaga Climate Astra Beam image 6


MoistureShield, a signature composite decking brand of Oldcastle APG, is pushing its engineers in the right direction. The capped composite decking is made with 95 percent recycled materials. The company uses the waste product of nearly 250,000 Americans to create its high-performance decking—equivalent to 125 million pounds of wood fiber, plastic regrind, rigid plastics and film plastics (roughly two Statues of Liberty) being diverted from landfills every year. 
Oldcastle has taken its green efforts up a notch with its new MoistureShield Meridian Catalina color. This particular decking features an industry-first CoolDeck, which reduces heat absorption by up to 35 percent compared to composites in similar colors. Meanwhile, the line’s TruTexture surface technology adds superior scratch resistance. 

Meridian features the company’s proprietary Solid Core manufacturing process for protection against moisture absorption, warping, rotting and damage from insects. It is well-suited for installation on the ground, on the ground or underwater. MoistureShield decking has a 30-year lifespan with zero structural failures and is backed by a 50-year transferrable structural warranty.

MoistureShield Meridian in Catalina-1

The Terrain+ Collection is the latest in TimberTech’s long-lasting line of composite decking. The company—a subdivision of The AZEK Co.—creates outdoor products engineered from 60 to 85 percent recycled content. These items outperform wood and help homeowners create nature-inspired, sustainable outdoor living spaces. With Terrain+, TimberTech material scientists have developed more-sophisticated aesthetics, featuring multi-color variegation and more-realistic emboss patterns, while still maintaining the superior, scratch-resistant durability of the  manufacturer’s original Terrain Collection. 

Featuring protective 4-sided capping, the Terrain+ Collection is made of a mix of high-performance and recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fibers. The composite decking won’t splinter, crack, cup or peel. Its recycled material includes reclaimed wood fibers, plastic bags, milk jugs and other discarded plastics, for an eco-friendly choice. 

When compared to traditional wood decking, TimberTech’s composite has a lower global warming potential over its lifetime—about 15 percent less than pressure treated pine and 8 percent less than Brazilian tropical Ipe. And, like all TimberTech decking, Terrain+ can be recycled at the end of its 30-year life through AZEK’s Full-Circle Recycling Program.
TimberTech Terrain Plus Decking and Premier-Rail

Doors, Walls, and Windows

Powered by a reliable, quiet Power over Ethernet (PoE) motor, PowerShades’ Version 2.0 TRUEPoE automated window shades have an abundance of new features and benefits, many of which continue to enhance energy savings and sustainability. The new shades require only 5 watts of power, unlike competitors whose PoE motors may demand 30 watts. More torque than competitors combined with dramatically less energy consumption means unmatched energy efficiency.

Other enhancements to the newest TRUEPoE shades include upgraded CPU and electronics, more dry-contact functions such as “Stop” and “Favorite,” a built-in web server offering configuration of motor and limits, modification of network settings, programmable dry-contact functionality, and advanced diagnostics.
PowerShades TRUEPoE shades have always been on the cutting edge of sustainability and energy conservation. PowerShades’ technology can be set to automatically lower the shades when the sun is shining directly onto buildings, thereby reducing solar heat gain in the summer. In the winter, the shades can be set to open on east facing windows when the sun is at its highest point.

PowerShades bedroom post

Sherwin-Williams’ Scuff Tuff Interior Waterbased Enamel is a durable paint that stands up to wear and tear in high-traffic areas, while resisting burnishing even after frequent washing. It is also GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions, tested and evaluated to meet stringent chemical emission limits.

Scuff Tuff is designed to meet MPI standards and meets VOC regulations with less than 50 g/L VOCs. Beyond that, Scuff Tuff meets the MPI High Performance category for cleansability testing, and exceeds the scrub and sheen change requirements, with a minimum of 4,000 MPI scrubs with less than 20 percent change in sheen. 

This water-based enamel is available in flat, matte, eg-shel (sic) and semi-gloss finishes, along with multiple bases to meet the sheens and colors required. Scuff Tuff also tints using zero VOC colorants so that any color chosen will not raise the VOC of the paint. Scuff Tuff’s resistance to scratches also means fewer touch ups and paint jobs, contributing to its sustainable appeal.  
Sherwin-Williams SWTAG-616-03 ScuffTuff V2

Andersen’s A-Series windows are offered with triple pane glass, made for high-performance building. The extra pane of glass helps keep more heat in and cold air out, meaning inside temperature is less affected by the temperatures outdoors. A-Series windows are constructed with 14 percent pre-consumer recycled glass and wood fiber content. 

They are also ENERGY STAR certified and Indoor Advantage Gold certified for indoor air quality. The windows are constructed with fiberglass and composite exteriors that won’t peel, blister, fade or corrode, and resist water while sealing out the elements. The casement and picture windows are certified by Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS), the leading passive building certification program.

As part of Andersen’s Architectural Collection, the A-Series windows are the best performing, most energy-efficient windows and doors the company has ever offered. The added energy efficiency of triple pane glass can be beneficial in all regions, especially in colder climates where more months of the year are spent heating the home.  

Renewal by Andersen window 300

Energy Management

Schneider Electric is on a mission to empower consumers to make the most of their energy by bridging technology and sustainability throughout the home. In 2023, the company launched Schneider Home, a first-of-its-kind home energy management solution. It offers a unique integration of energy resources and digital capabilities, such as Schneider Pulse—the heart of the electrified home—a smart electrical panel powered by embedded technology, functionality, and intelligence to interconnect various energy sources within the home.

There is also Schneider Boost, the home battery for energy storage. Solar energy is accumulated during the day and used during peak rates for utility bill savings, and to keep home power flowing during an outage; Schneider Inverter, the high-power hybrid inverter for solar and storage, which converts solar energy output into usable AC electricity; and Schneider Charge, the electric vehicle (EV) charger, which leverages onsite solar and storage to boost charge speed and reduce charging costs.

All of these are controlled with Schneider Home’s app, by which a user may monitor, control and automate whole home energy management.
Schneider Home_1-300

Blue Planet Energy’s BlueWave is an all-in-one residential energy storage solution with the ability to adapt to time-of-use needs, provide backup power, and accommodate growing energy demands. Energy capacities range from 3 to 48 kWh. Designed to optimize space, BlueWave includes built-in battery management system and battery maintenance units, communication features, and the option for AC and DC inverters.

Powered by reliable, non-toxic Lithium ferrous phosphate chemistry batteries, BlueWave ensures reliable energy supply with exceptional safety and density, representing the future of advanced energy storage. The unit’s pre-wired system eliminates the need for cumbersome wiring, cables and multiple boxes. Modular batteries and inverters can be simply snapped in. BlueWave is designed to operate in harsh conditions, from minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees F.

BlueWave is equipped with a mobile app for ease of monitoring and management. The system is expandable, designed to adapt as a user’s energy requirements evolve and expand. Installations can be completed in less than two hours by one technician using minimal tools.
BlueWave Large image under dive

Flooring and Surfaces

IceStone’s self-named countertops and bathroom vanity surfaces keep safety in mind. Made from three simple ingredients—recycled glass, Portland cement and non-toxic pigment—it does no harm to the earth and contains zero resins, glues, petrochemicals, plastics or chemical binders. Workers can install the crystalline silica-free product without fear of contracting silicosis, a lung disease that is often fatal.

A major environmental problem that IceStone helps solve is what to do with waste glass. To date, the company has kept more than 20 million pounds of glass—roughly 1 million per year—from being dumped in landfills. IceStone gets its recycled product from third-party commercial recyclers, who buy defective or excess glass from manufacturers of items such as bottles, auto glass and windows.

IceStone is 75 percent recycled content, stain, mold and bacteria resistant, and almost impossible to burn. This results in a surface that is easy to care for and environmentally responsible. There are no VOCs emitted, and the product is eligible for LEED credits.

IceStone cobalt ice 7

Peninsula, Stratosphere and Hemisphere—the first carbon negative area rugs from specialty design brand FLOR—combine durability, beautiful design, and a negative carbon footprint into all spaces where people live. The rugs pair high style and on-trend designs with a low environmental impact, resulting in a beautiful and earth-friendly product. 

All three rug styles take cues from nature. Each square tile style within the collection is made with Aquafil’s recycled ECONYL yarn, which reduces the global impact of nylon by 90 percent. This yarn, paired with ultra-environmentally friendly CQuest BioX backing, results in an area rug that draws more carbon from the air than is released during the supply chain and manufacturing processes. Turning these plant-based materials into durable, certified recyclable carpet tiles keeps the carbon they stored from re-entering the atmosphere.

More food for thought: Selling just 10 of FLOR’s standard 8-by-10-foot carbon negative area rugs captures and stores at least the equivalent amount of carbon that would be emitted if 16.6 pounds of coal were burned—or if a cell phone was charged 1,825 times.  

FLOR hallway w dog

PolyWhey 3500 wood floor finish from Vermont Natural Coatings promotes heavily trafficked hardwood floor durability without compromising air quality. Formulated for exceptional mar and scratch resistance, the product, derived from whey protein, has a neutral odor—a departure from traditional finishes that often emit strong and unpleasant fumes. This makes it a very logical choice for interiors where air quality is a priority.

Compliant with CDPH Standard Method V1.2, which represents the nation’s strictest emissions and air quality testing, PolyWhey 3500 ensures the safest possible environment with emissions at or below 0.5 mg/m3. There are no “red list” ingredients, meaning there are no chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Flooring professionals give the product a thumbs-up because of its easy cleanup and adherence to high indoor air quality standards.

The wood floor finish offers great coverage, allowing for efficient application and ensuring a consistent, attractive result. Its quick-drying properties further contribute to a streamlined application process, reducing downtime and inconvenience. And, because it consists of a single component, there is no limited pot life and therefore, no wasted finish.
Vermont VNC 3in x 3in 300dpi

Cosentino Silestone Le Chic, the latest Silestone collection, is the result of a new, innovative design process and leading sustainable technology. Silestone is created using Cosentino’s innovative HybriQ Technology, a high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials. It is produced through a sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99 percent reused water, 100 percent renewable electric energy and, within HybriQ products, a minimum of 20 percent recycled raw materials in its composition. The new manufacturing process also has zero water discharge, ensuring that local water sources are not polluted.

Silestone is highly resistant to stains, acid, scratches and impacts, featuring almost zero posterity, making the durable material highly resistant to water and moisture.

Le Chic maintains all of Silestone’s properties and certifications in terms of resistance, performance and hygiene, while increasing its aesthetic possibilities thanks to the selection of premium minerals and the incorporation of recycled materials in its composition. Cosentino continues to achieve greater efficiency in terms of energy, consumption of resources, use of renewable electricity and sustainable mobility policies.
Cosentino Le Chic_Parisien Bleu4

PureTech, Mohawk’s latest eco-oriented flooring, offers a sustainable alternative to traditional stone polymer composite (SPC) and wood-plastic composite (WPC) products. A PVC-free item made from 70 percent total recycled materials, PureTech’s organic core also contains 80 percent renewable plant-based material for a stronger and more-sustainable locking system.

In addition to sustainable attributes, PureTech provides performance benefits. PureTech features WetProtect, a lifetime surface and subfloor waterproof warranty. It is also three times more scratch resistant and backed by a no-hassle pet scratch warranty. Expertly crafted with premium embossing and a beveled and painted edge, PureTech’s ultra-realistic finish embodies the allure of natural hardwood at comparable market pricing.

With PureTech, Mohawk is also partnering with social recycling advocate Plastic Bank. With every purchase of PureTech, Mohawk and Plastic Bank will collaborate to help prevent more than 1 million pounds of plastic—the equivalent of more than 22.5 million plastic bottles--from reaching earth’s oceans. Plastic Bank collection communities stop ocean-bound plastic in vulnerable coastal areas and exchange it at local collection branches for life-improving benefits that help them transcend poverty.  

Mohawk PureTech_Living Room_campaign

HTMX Industries’ Mycelium Collection of SRP Rigid Core thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) flooring represents a new, transformative product solution for a diverse cross-section of the construction marketplace by transforming waste plastic bottles into innovative flooring. The product is made with approximately two polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles per square foot, helping mitigate the amount of plastic waste in the environment. 

In nature, mycelium refers to a network connecting individual plants together to transfer water, carbon, and other minerals. The designs in the Mycelium Collection of SRP Rigid Core TPU flooring were inspired by this network—a concept of community that nurtures collaboration and connection. By introducing nature’s intricate systems and patterns into design, inhabitants can reap the biophilic benefits of improved mental health, reduced stress levels and increased productivity.

After a lifetime of use, Mycelium SRP TPU flooring can be recovered and made into new Mycelium planks and tiles with the same characteristics of excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength.

HTMX 300 dpi living area

Caesarstone’s new Mineral Surfaces are made from a blend of natural minerals such as quartz and feldspar, advanced innovative materials, and recycled products. Characterized by a low crystalline silica content, the exclusive formulation improves performance, increases recycled content and promotes sustainability. This combination aligns with the company’s eco-friendly practices and ensures delivery of high-quality materials. Crafted from a unique blend of natural and recycled materials, these premium low-silica surfaces have exceptional resistance, captivating aesthetics and unmatched versatility. 
Drawing inspiration from the allure of quartzite and marble, the Caesarstone Mineral Time Collection presents three adaptable contemporary designs capable of seamlessly integrating diverse design elements or making a bold statement on their own. This innovative line maintains a crystalline silica content below 40 percent, with some compositions dipping below 10 percent, making them significantly lower than other market offerings. 

A blend of durable materials that shows off the premium quality of Caesarstone’s pioneering manufacturing technology, Mineral Surfaces prioritizes longevity and durability.

Caesarstone Time Collection_5113_Solenna

EcoStone by MILEstone is a groundbreaking, porcelain tile collection that offers a sustainable option for interior and exterior projects. This carbon-neutral porcelain tile collection pays homage to the timeless elegance of travertine, offering two distinct visuals inspired by cutting techniques: Cross-Cut and Vein-Cut. 

The Cross-Cut style highlights the cloudlike patterns unique to travertine, while the Vein-Cut showcases the renowned banding and striation of the natural stone. In either case, a range of sizes includes an industry-first, carbon-neutral 48-by-110-inch large format. This size offers a myriad of environmentally friendly benefits, such as enhanced thermal insulation, weather resistance, wear and tear protection, and enhanced acoustic performance. 

Moreover, the 6-millimeter thickness of the large format size reduces the raw materials consumed during production, amplifying its sustainability profile. EcoStone also goes beyond traditional offerings by introducing Digital Texture, an innovative technology that creates a textured surface without the need for punches, minimizing waste in creation and maintenance.  

Florim MILE®stone_Ecostone_Pumice_Vein Cut

Dal-Tile Corp.’s Rekindle is a near-zero emissions product that also promotes public safety. Rekindle features StepWise (anti-slip) and Microban technology, a perfect choice for outdoor living spaces and offers a lifetime of built-in antimicrobial product protection that does not wash off or wear away. There are no VOCs—which makes for healthy living spaces—and it’s green certified. 
None of the plastics or dangerous chemicals found in other flooring types are present in Rekindle. The product is the latest effort by Dal-Tile to promote the merits of tile, which has the smallest carbon footprint of any flooring surface. Ten of the company’s 15 North American manufacturing plants recover and reuse 100 percent of the wastewater generated by the manufacturing process. This prevents 125 million gallons from entering local municipal water treatment facilities.
Another 48 million pounds of materials that cannot be used to make new tile products go to state-approved beneficial reuse programs for roadbed base material, brick and cement manufacturing, and land reclamation.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is critical for a healthy living and working environment. VanAir Design takes on this task with its VanAir Door, which features a built-in ventilation system, exceptional acoustics, and superb aesthetics. The product is built with staggered slot openings on the door’s opposing faces to create a unique through-door airflow channel for enhanced air circulation. The VanAir Door also promotes
wellness through better air quality achieved by natural airflow, not an
energy-based, mechanical solution.

The VanAir Door delivers outstanding sound privacy, with sound absorption on par with solid-core doors. Built-in acoustic baffles isolate sound at low and high frequencies, achieving an independently tested Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 26.

Aesthetically, the product allows architects and interior designers to
avoid unsightly vents, grills, and louvers, while meeting the most stringent
building codes. The new ventilated door can be installed in a wide variety
of interior environments, including single and multifamily residential housing, commercial spaces, hotels, schools, and healthcare facilities.
VanAir Door airflow and acousticsimage top-bottom erased

Residential ventilation control manufacturer AirCycler and residential and commercial indoor air quality monitor maker Awair have partnered on the CONNECT Responsive Ventilation System, designed to make indoor air healthier for homeowners and installation more efficient and safer for builders and installers. The system offers the smart features that people expect: indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, automatic ventilation response to poor-air quality events, airflow monitoring to ensure proper system operation, and easy management.

Additional features include AirCycler’s CONNECT dashboard, which allows companies of any size to access a proprietary dashboard for remote monitoring and troubleshooting of installed systems, access to pre-saved system configurations for fast installation and programming onsite, and options for plug-n-play installs that don’t require the use of a mobile app. 

This whole house ventilation and air quality monitoring system doesn’t require dedicated ductwork, costly equipment or regular maintenance to ensure adequate operation or maintain code-required ventilation. Like other AirCycler and Awair devices, CONNECT looks and operates as automatically and discreetly as everyday heating and cooling systems.

AirCycler g3 96-combo 300

Fresh off a successful appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, the newly launched Woosh Air has combined an innovative smart filter frame and 3M Filtration Technology to elevate air quality in the home. The self-named product (Woosh) uses sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity to continuously monitor air quality and seamlessly integrate with the home’s thermostat, creating a whole-household air purifier. Woosh also alerts homeowners when the filter needs replacing, eliminating guesswork.

When there’s a drop in air quality, Woosh alerts the smart thermostat, which then automatically activates the HVAC fan to circulate clean, filtered air throughout the home. Woosh easily pairs with popular thermostat brands such as Sensi, Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee and more.

Woosh’s 3M Filtration Technology-driven filter is MERV 13 rated and fully foldable for easy storage and insertion. It excels in trapping unwanted particles including dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, fine particulate matter (PM2.5), bacteria and viruses. The frame is reusable, and filter refills are available from the Woosh Air Air website. The Woosh Air app is downloadable from the Google Play Store and App Store.
Whoosh Air filter pack


When it comes to eco-friendly insulation, Nu-Wool’s vision is simple: Make a product that is good for the home, the environment and the pocketbook. The result is the company’s Premium Cellulose Insulation, which Nu-Wool bills as one of the greenest products in the marketplace.

Made of 86 percent recycled content—65 percent of which is post-consumer recycled paper—Premium Cellulose requires less fuel to heat and cool structures, generates minimal product waste during application, does not off gas or cure like other insulation materials, has a lower carbon footprint, and lasts the lifetime of the structure. Sprayed in place using Nu-Wool’s WALLSEAL system, the insulation is installed in wall cavities, eliminating the voids and air pockets common with other insulation materials. The product’s high installed density results in reduced air movement through the insulation, creating more-comfortable, draft-free structures.  

The all-natural Premium Cellulose emphasizes Nu-Wool’s 75-year-old philosophy. The company processes more than 20,000 tons of recycled paper into insulation products each year. That’s 20,000 tons of paper that does not end up in landfills. Even the product bags are recyclable, meaning there is no packaging waste.
Nu-Wool Wood Install_nuwool 300

Designed to stop thermal bridging, SIS Panels’ Studulate takes an inside job and eliminates bridging from within the building envelope. Studulate is a product lineup of insulated 2-by-4 and 2-by-6 studs. By fusing 2-inch rigid insulation to dimensional lumber, an insulated 2-by-4 stud is the same dimension as a traditional 2-by-6. The same is true of an insulated 2-by-6 and traditional 
2-by-8, respectively. Cavity insulation, utilities, window frames, and more can remain unchanged, offering a seamless integration process. Studulate can be used on both the top and bottom plate, ensuring a complete thermal break.

Studulate has four insulation options: EPS, GPS, Polyiso, and Phenolic, which offer R-values of R-13 to R-22. Custom options include polyethylene terephthalate (PET) insulation by Armacell, which is converted from recycled PET bottles into long-life, high-value insulative foam core materials. Armacell has used 2 billion recycled bottles so far and has saved 90,432 metric tons of CO2 emissions in the process.

While achieving net-zero standards may demand additional steps and materials such as insulated sheathing, Studulate provides ample insulation to meet evolving energy codes, bridging the gap to net zero-ready standards.
Studulate Lineup V2-300


Vinyl isn’t always viewed as the most-sustainable of products. But Weatherables and its Savannah Vinyl Privacy Fence caught our attention. The product is 85 percent recycled PVC, as a part of fencing that is overall 100 percent recyclable material and totally bisphenol A (BPA) free. Savannah Vinyl is also easy to maintain, with no painting, staining or sealing ever required—another environmental benefit.

Savannah Vinyl is durable—the six-foot and shorter vinyl privacy panels can withstand gusts of up to 130 miles per hour—the equivalent of hurricane-force winds. Part of this stems from being a heavier, stronger product. A Savannah privacy fence weighs about 20 pounds more than competitors and is about 50 percent thicker. Weatherables extrudes its vinyl at its own factory, using a closed-loop water system to reduce water waste.

Over the past 5 years, the company’s actions have kept more than 50 million pounds of PVC out of landfills. That’s enough PVC to install a 6-foot Savannah privacy fence from Groveport, Ohio to Denver. 
Weatherables - Savanna Vinyl

Unilock’s EcoTerra pavers are an environmentally friendly option to traditional cement. This revolutionary binding agent reduces CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent, and its use saves 27 trees for every 1,000 square feet of pavement, versus traditional pavers. EcoTerra is entirely cement-free in the facemix; With no limestone or cement reaction, these products have the benefit of being efflorescence-free. 

Meanwhile, EcoTerra pavers retain their vibrant colors to keep outdoor spaces visually stunning for years. They are also denser, featuring closed pores that help repel water and prevent dirt and stains from penetrating the surface. This characteristic makes them structurally superior and easier to clean and maintain. EcoTerra pavers’ high compressive strength (>12,000 psi) makes them more durable and longer-lasting than traditional paving products, while their low absorption rate (< 5 percent) helps with freeze-thaw climate effects.
Finally, with EcoTerra pavers, home builders and developers can offer clients who prioritize sustainability a product that truly aligns with their values.
Unilock EcoTerra_4x12_2 Colours

Gravelpave2 by Invisible Structures is an advanced porous paving solution that combines sustainability with strength and versatility. Made using 100 percent recycled plastic, Gravelpave2 helps divert 1.5 million pounds of plastic from landfills annually. 

Featuring a trademark ring-on grid design, Gravelpave2 delivers a compressive strength of 15,940 pounds per square inch (psi)—nearly five times that of concrete. This configuration creates 92 percent void space that, when filled with aggregate, allows for rapid drainage and filtration of environmental toxins through bioremediation while preventing puddling. 

Whether used in residential landscaping elements like ADA-compliant paths and walkways or in slow-speed vehicular areas like driveways, parking lots and fire lanes, Gravelpave2 excels in effectively managing runoff. In application, it can also help reduce the heat island effect that many homeowners who live in urban areas experience. The porous paving’s material strength and flexibility prevent rutting or uplifting during ground contraction and expansion, enabling it to endure extreme temperatures, rainfall and freeze thaw cycles. With an expected lifespan of more than 60 years, this porous paving is built to last.
Invisible Structures gravelpave3-Rup-4x-5in (1)

Irrigreen is the first and only all-digital irrigation system that prints water instead of spraying it, using 50 percent less water than traditional systems. Leveraging patented inkjet printing technology, Irrigreen precisely prints water in the exact shape of landscaping, eliminating wasteful overlap and overspray.

The manufacturer, also known as Irrigreen, has launched its e-commerce platform. Customers can now purchase products online in pre-packaged bundles or through a custom lawn mapping tool. The new e-commerce component allows customers the flexibility to design and customize an irrigation system according to their lawn’s specifications. Irrigreen also offers the option for complementary design and customization of the product with a specialist. 

Irrigreen is DIY-friendly and connects to IoT, allowing users to set up and control the system remotely and monitor how much water is being used and when. Irrigreen also connects to hyper-local weather data to predict when to run the system for optimal efficiency.  A robotic sprinkler head controls the water stream with software to allow for an even coat of water.

Irrigreen medium_bundle

Roofing and Siding

Fiberon’s Wildwood composite cladding is made from 94 percent mixed recycled wood-fiber and plastic content that is otherwise destined for landfills and incinerators. Wildwood is perfect for architects who want a long lasting, nearly maintenance-free, sustainable alternative to traditional wood cladding, offering a solution for projects that require the beauty of wood with long-term warranted performance.

Wildwood features an open-joint profile and is available in a variety of board lengths and widths for added design flexibility. It also features a durable composite core that ensures exceptional resistance to rotting, cracking, insects and decay. It will cut and install very similar to real wood without the hassle and does not require the same staining and painting maintenance that wood requires.
Thanks to its water-resistant character, the cladding is ideal for rainscreen applications and is available in a wide range of sizes. In addition, Fiberon’s Cladding Visualizer can help create the ultimate outdoor living area. It can be used to preview Wildwood in a variety of scenes—from front walls to garage doors.
Fiberon -Sahara_Bamboo

RHEINZINK’s prePATINA ECO ZINC and other architectural zinc products are now produced using 50 percent less CO2. This is the first architectural zinc material in the world to reduce an already small carbon footprint by more than half. To power this process, the electric energy needed is largely generated from renewable sources, including water and wind power. RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC material production generates significantly less carbon than any other architectural zinc manufacturing process.

The emission in the entire manufacturing process is only 1.85 kilograms (kg) of CO2 per kg of zinc. This conversion rate prevents more than 36,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. This is equivalent to the carbon emissions of a small town of 4,500 people.

Along with a reduced environmental impact, RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC products maintain a consistent, high quality, value and performance, plus a proven resiliency, 100 recyclability and 100-plus year lifespan. RHEINZINK-prePATINA architectural zinc has been Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified at the Bronze level since 2009. The C2C certification and additional supporting documentation help design and building teams meet the U.S. and Canada Green Building Councils’ LEED criteria.
RHEINZINK_Architectura lZinc

James Hardie’s Hardie fiber cement products have a lower carbon footprint and lower environmental impact over their lifecycle than traditional heavyweight building products. The Hardie Artisan Lap Siding continues that trend, requiring minimal maintenance, allowing homeowners to spend more time enjoying their homes. Moreover, the durability of Hardie products means a long service life and potentially less-frequent replacement when compared to other materials.

Carbon emissions are released throughout a building’s lifecycle, from the manufacture of building materials to its construction, operational life and deconstruction. Unlike many other building materials, fiber cement products like Hardie Artisan Lap Siding capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment over their operational lifetime, when cement absorbs and reacts with CO2 from the air.

Hardie siding and trim products are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions and resist damage from fires, floods and other natural disasters. Additionally, only Hardie fiber cement exterior products, including Hardie Artisan Lap Siding, are designed specifically for optimal performance in any climate zone.
James Hardie drvieway

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding are carbon-negative, lightweight primed products that can help reduce waste, providing customers with sustainable siding solutions. 

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding are classified as carbon-negative exterior cladding items, which means they store more carbon in the product than is released during raw material sourcing, manufacturing and customer distribution.

The siding’s carbon-negative technology starts with sourcing a hardwood tree species called trembling aspen, which quickly and naturally regenerates from its root systems, keeping forests healthy and sustainable. As these materials move into production to become trim and siding products, LP SmartSide facilities efficiently use 99 percent of the log in the finished product or as renewable energy in manufacturing.

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding stores 10 times more carbon and emits 54 percent less greenhouse gas during production than fiber cement-based products. Benefits such as these help provide builders and homeowners with options for selecting more responsible, climate-friendly building solutions that can benefit the environment over the long term.
LP Building house side


Severe weather is an arch enemy of solar canopies. World4Solar is combatting the problem with its HelioWing Hurricane Edition Solar Power System. It’s designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 175 miles per hour without snow load, as well as endure a snow load of 5,400 pascals (about 113 pounds of force per square foot)—double the strength of conventional systems. This makes it a game-changer for residential homes in coastal areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes.

World4Solar’s HelioWing series is already an industry leader when it comes to ease of install, cost savings, aesthetics and performance of compact photovoltaic systems. The HelioWing Hurricane Edition ups the ante. It ensures resilience in extreme weather and offers versatility in its application. The solar canopy can be discreetly integrated as a pool pergola, garden cover or carport. Customers have the option to enhance their system by adding an inverter, electric vehicle charger, and batteries up to 25 kWh, making it a comprehensive energy solution.
It can also function as a standalone solution or connect to the local power grid for earning energy generation credits.
World4Solar - HelioWing Hurricane

JinkoSolar’s Eagle (Tiger Neo) N-type TOPCon module is its most-efficient and reliable solar panel yet. The N-type TOPCon converts about 23 percent of sunlight into solar power, compared to about 20 percent with other cell types. The N-type is 11 percent better at generating energy under low light conditions than conventional modules, there is more power productivity per watt over 30 years than with Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) cells, and its yearly degradation rate is a mere 0.4 percent, meaning it will still be almost 88 percent functional after three decades.

Mother Nature’s not as much of an issue either. For example, the N-type TOPCon generates only 0.29 percent less power per degree Celsius as the temperature rises—a key factor for owners in warm climates. Overall, a more-efficient power cell makes for a lower carbon footprint.

JinkoSolar is committed to achieving net zero emissions of greenhouse gasses (GhG) among the value chain by 2050. Several of its manufacturing facilities use 100 percent clean energy; the company aims to power all of its factories with renewable energy by the end of the decade.
Jinko Solar - Ntype Image

Water Management

As water shortages become more widespread, conservation methods are crucial. The Hydraloop H300 gives greywater a second tour of duty. The device recycles up to 95 percent of shower and bath water and 50 percent of washing machine water, which ultimately enables reuse up to 45 percent of total in-house domestic water. Hydraloop-treated water is clean, clear, safe and certified for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and/or swimming pool top off. The H300 can also treat condensation from tumble dryers, heat pumps and air conditioning units.

Hydraloop’s environmental impact goes much further. Device operators see up to a 45 percent savings on tap water consumption; up to 45 percent savings on wastewater emissions; significant energy savings by using residual heat; and carbon footprint reduction because 45 percent less tap water is transported to and from wastewater facilities, and 45 percent less energy is needed for wastewater treatment.

The Hydraloop H300 has a volume of 80 gallons, and a cleaning capacity of up to 95 gallons per day, depending on user behavior.
Hydraloop H300 next to washer

Hayward’s TriStar XL is one of the company’s “Big Four” variable-speed pumps. TriStar XL (along with TriStar 950/900, MaxFlo VS 500 and the Super Pump VS 700) optimizes energy efficiency without compromising performance. Quieter operation, better filtration and lower hydraulic stress on other pool pad products are a plus, while dynamic control of pump speed in conjunction with water features can produce dramatic backyard effects that add to the ambiance of the pool and backyard living space.

TriStar XL allows users to choose settings that produce more efficiency with the same exceptional priming, an increased weighted energy factor (WEF) rating, and increased flow rates (GPM). As with Hayward’s entire suite of pool products, Tristar XL can reduce pool owners’ energy usage by 90 percent, chlorine usage by 50 percent and water usage by 92 percent.

Hayward offers a full line of energy-efficient and sustainable residential pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, sanitizers, LED lighting and water features—all of which are digitally connected through Hayward’s intuitive, IoT-enabled SmartPad.
Hayward Tristar XL

Automation can save a lot of time—and water. The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller from Rachio enables a homeowner to easily schedule and control an inground irrigation system, water plants the right amount, and even build smart watering schedules informed by weather patterns, sun exposure, plant type, soil condition, season and more.

Rachio 3 has earned the EPA WaterSense label as a result of proven water savings. Controllers are tested and certified to water a minimum of 20 percent more efficiently than conventional sprinkler controllers. Most users save 50 percent on their outdoor watering with Rachio. Users can track their watering history with Rachio’s free app and receive regular communications on how much water they have saved.

The controller integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home devices so that sprinklers can be controlled via voice commands. This expands accessibility for users with mobility or vision challenges and makes it easier for everyone to have beautiful and productive landscapes at home.