Biden Administration Looks Into ICC-NAHB Voting Proposal

Possible vote on the standard proposal that would disenfranchise governmental officials could happen as soon as March 3.

house-under-constructionAlexander Kaufman's in-depth Huffington Post article included key interviews with ICC Governmental Member Voting Representatives that were engaged, obviously qualified, and dedicated to pursuing IECC improvements that were important to their jurisdictions' goals.  

It clearly documents NAHB's disproportionate influence over the ICC, but includes their perspectives, as well as the tsunami of conflicting perspectives ICC has received from governmental officials whose voting on future updates to America's Model Energy Code is at stake.

Despite the fact that the ICC's Committee on the Long-Term Code Development Process recommendation to the Board did not receive a majority from the 16 voting members (8-6-2) and the ensuing 6-1 vote against the standard from ICC's Sustainability Membership Council, ICC's continues to lean heavily "pro-standard."

As stated in the article, the Board is meeting to discuss—and possibly vote on—the standard proposal on March 3. We're continuing to focus on adding to the pressure they've received to reject this ill-conceived proposal.

See also the March 1 follow-up article by Kaufman here

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay