Are You Giving Your Homeowners Clean Air and Healthy Homes?

Now more than ever, building professionals must address healthy home issues with prospective home buyers. 

HealthyHomeEbook-1The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of good indoor air quality, which has become a non-negotiable for today’s homebuyers. Thanks to advanced technologies and building science knowledge, clean air is a luxury that we can all afford.

The National Center for Healthy Housing avows that homes in the United States are one of the most dangerous places for families, estimating that 35 million homes place their occupants at risk because of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Healthy Homes On the Rise

Fortunately, consumer interest in healthy homes and IAQ has surged since the onset of the pandemic. According to COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s market intelligence division, 92% of early adopters and first mover homeowners believe that good IAQ is extremely important or very important, and 85% would pay more for a healthy home. 

In fact, a recent Green Builder Media survey reveals that:

  • Healthy home is now home buyers’ top priority topic, followed by resiliency and net zero energy.
  • Healthy home is now as important as location when making home purchase decisions.
  • Healthy home and indoor air quality is the category that consumers believe has been most impacted by COVID.
  • More than one-third of homeowners are more aware of their indoor air quality since COVID.

What Sustainable Upgrades Matter to Home Buyers? 

Green Builder Media’s COGNITION Smart Data shows that public interest in all things sustainable is on the rise. Which sustainability upgrades matter most to homeowners? Given the prolonged pandemic, it’s not surprising that healthy home tops the list, followed by net zero energy and smart home technologies. 

Interestingly, respondents indicated that electrification is also top of mind. Approximately 37% of 

respondents indicated that they’d spend $10,000 for healthy home upgrades, smart home systems and solar + storage.


COGNITION research reveals that indoor air quality is top of mind for homeowners because they want to keep their families healthy and safe. These homeowners are spending money on indoor air monitors, air purification systems, fresh air exchange systems, non-toxic materials and antimicrobial surfaces.

HealthyHomeEbook-3-1Indoor air quality will remain top of mind for homeowners and prospective home buyers as more data comes out on the connection between home air and general health. Download the free Healthy Home Handbook to learn more about important strides in indoor air quality, including product innovations, trends, and marketing sales points. 

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