• Artist Rendering of Mariposa Meadows

    The VISION House at Mariposa Meadows, shown here in an artistic rendering,will consist of three entirely self-sufficient, off-grid structures: Atrium Duet—two living units connected by a central enclosed atrium/living space; Aspen Cabin—two story structure with open loft; and Studio—two story structure with garage on first floor and studio on second floor.

  • Mariposa Meadows

    Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman is excited about the immense possibilities that will come from this project. Green Builder Media will publish research and testing results through articles, white papers, blogs, and live and online presentations. 

  • Mariposa Meadows Winter

    Deep snows of the long Colorado winters create a winter wonderland—and an unforgiving testing climate for manufacturers to see how their products hold up. When built out, the Mariposa Meadows property will be traversed via horseback and snow shoes during the wintertime.

  • Mariposa Meadows hiking

    During winter months Mariposa Meadows can be accessed via ski, snowshoe, snowmobile/snowcat, or by foot (a 6 mile roundrip hike with stunning views and abundant wildlife).

  • Mariposa Meadows Winter

    Green Builder Media's Cati O'Keefe (Editorial Director) and Sara Gutterman (CEO) take in the scenery during a walk into Mariposa Meadows.

  • Mariposa Meadows Winter

    Just one of the beautiful views surrounding Mariposa Meadows.

  • Mariposa Meadows Keen

    It's springtime at Mariposa Meadows and the snow is beginning to melt.

  • Mariposa Meadows winter

    A view through the Aspens from the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows job site.

  • Mariposa meadows Handy's Flowers

    Nature is beautiful, but also unpredictable. The VISION House Mariposa project addresses resiliency and self-reliance—it specifies critical systems that function during/after extreme weather events providing security and independence, wildfire resistant with appropriate fire protection systems.

  • Mariposa Meadows Ron Jones

    Green Builder Media Co-founder Ron Jones takes a load off on a relic of yesteryear. Far from considering the old ways obsolete, he notes that old and new and futuristic all play a part in creating a sustainable existence.

  • Mariposa Meadows summer

    Mariposa Meadows is an 120-acre in-holding surrounded by millions of acres of National Forest land and Federal wilderness area, located near Lake City, high in the Colorado Rockies.

  • Mariposa Meadows fall

    Natural disaster planning, such as wildfire protection, will be utilized at the Mariposa Meadows project.

  • Mariposa Meadows Fall

    The project will feature sustainable homes and buildings for ongoing monitoring, a central renewable energy system to power all structures, a meeting center for thought leadership summits and training, testing and research labs, experimental greenhouses and gardens, workshops and barns, and environmental/habitat research facilities.

  • Mariposa Meadows SIPS

    Progress with ICFs on one of the structures at the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows.

  • Mariposa Meadows SIPS

    ICFs being put into place. The ICFs were donated by the Council of ICF Industries.

  • Mariposa Meadows SIPS

    Nudura ICFs were used in Phase 1 at the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows. Donation by the CICFI.

  • SIP Raising at Mariposa Meadows

    From concept to reality ... Mariposa Meadows' structures came to life at the "SIPs Raising," which happened in October. The high-performance panels, provided by AFM Technologies, are the perfect building solution for the extreme weather of the Colorado Rockies. As part of the project, SIPA and Green Builder Media will analyze the performance of the SIPs.

  • Mariposa Meadows SIPs

    Managing Waste: Trimmings from the ICF’s were used to add extra insulation to the foundation walls rather than throwing it away.

  • Mariposa Meadows SIPs and flooring

    SIPA panels and Norbord pointSIX Durastrand Flooring.

  • Mariposa Meadows Boise Cascade Norbord

    Boise Cascade 6000 Series I-Joists and Norbord products are part of this super efficient building envelope.

  • Mariposa Meadows stairs

    A view to where stairs will eventually lead to the second level of one of the structures.

  • Mariposa Meadows very little waste

    Managing Waste: The total waste after installing the SIPs in 2 of the 3 structures.

  • Mariposa Meadows Uponor DuPont

    Uponor and DuPont products waiting to be installed.

  • VISION House Mariposa Meadows

    Water scarcity is a key issue of our times. Mariposa Meadows is being designed to facilitate water regeneration: conservation, harvesting, filtration, and reuse.

  • Mariposa Meadows Fall

    The site will be home to an advanced micro-grid energy system to power all facilities and structures without negatively impacting the surrounding nature.

  • Keen Footwear at VISION House at Mariposa Meadows

    Warm feet on hikes and safe toes on the site - all made possible by Keen Footwear.


 UL EnvironmentGreen Builder Media is excited to work with UL Environment because of the organization’s unique expertise in indoor air quality. UL Environment’s product emissions certifications, GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold, are the marks of leadership, demonstrating that products meet stringent chemical emissions levels, and thus contribute to healthier indoor air. With UL, we are creating a product specification methodology and case study that will help building professionals, manufacturers, and consumers understand the pathway to clean, healthy, and safe homes.


 SIPA Panel

The Structural Insulated Panel Association has worked diligently with its member companies for decades to develop high performance, durable, resilient building envelope systems. Green Builder Media will work with SIPA to collect and analyze energy performance data from the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows structures and create a case study that highlights the benefits of building with SIPs.


 WhirlpoolGreen Builder Media always welcomes the opportunity to work with Whirlpool because of the company’s passion for and dedication to sustainability. Whirlpool’s innovative appliances will help us achieve our net zero energy and water goals while contributing to the beauty and elegance of the new and retrofit homes. 




Radiant heat is a perfect solution for homes in the extreme climate of the Colorado Rockies, and fire protection for structures located anywhere in the American West has become a must. Green Builder Media is delighted to showcase Uponor’s advanced radiant heat, fire protection, and plumbing manifold systems, all of which will contribute to the efficiency, resilience, and resource conservation of the homes.

James Hardie

James Hardie James Hardie uses a unique manufacturing process reliant on natural, sustainable raw materials that are low in toxicity. Their fiber cement products are available in a wide variety of textures, styles and colors to offer endless design options and are specifically Engineered for Climate® to resist the harshest conditions. Green Builder Media is privileged to be able to showcase their products at the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows project.

Green Builder Media has begun work on our first self-sufficient carbon neutral project-- the natural evolution from our highly successful VISION House Series to an Independent Research Center and Case Study. The VISION House at Mariposa Meadows and the ReVISION House at Rancho La Garita will be perched high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. They will unite extraordinary design, extreme performance, innovative products and intelligent technology.  

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The 11 Tenets

Here are the eco-landmarks we navigate by as we create this sustainable enclave.

 Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency Off-the-grid living demands the ultimate in energy-efficient products. Here’s what we picked.
 RenewablesRenewables Dependence on petroleum is dead; instead, we use these easy-on-the-environment technologies.
Water and Resource Conservation Water and Resource Conservation Natural resources are finite. Here are the techniques and products we use to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
 Indoor Air QualityIndoor Air Quality Healthy buildings mean healthy people. We spec’d products that make the indoors as fresh as the meadow air surrounding us.
 Smart TechnologySmart Technology We harness smart tech that will make life simpler and help us be more sustainable.
 DurabilityDurability See which building science practices and green products hold up to the harsh realities of high-altitude living.
 Resilient Housing Disaster can strike anywhere. Techniques and products can help buffer buildings from these assaults.
 Multifunctional Living SpacesMultifunctional Living Spaces We designed spaces that morph and accommodate more than one function.
 Onsite Food Production Fresh food grown on site is the healthiest and most green way to go (not to mention tastiest!) Here are some notes from the high-altitude larder.
 Indoor/Outdoor LivingIndoor/Outdoor Living New products and design conceits blur the lines between shelter and the soul-healing outdoors.
 Wildlife ProtectionWildlife Protection Wildlife conservation means protecting all plant and animal species and their habitats so nature will be around for future generations to enjoy. Here’s how we address this important concept.

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