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Resilient Housing: The Resources You Need

IN THE FACE of nature’s powerful forces, creating tough housing that can handle nature’s extremes makes sense. Here are the documents, plans, articles and video guides to help you build or rebuild a resilient home.

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The Latest Building Science: Information to help you prepare for nature's fury.

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Visit Green Builder Media's webinar archive for on-demand recordings covering fire sprinkler design, sea level rise, long-term sustainability in coastal cities, and ways to maintain homes and neighborhoods to resist ignition from wildland fire .

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GB-Resilient-Housing-earthwebSeismic Precautions Flexible stem walls and other details can give a structure a fighting chance when "the big one" hits. Videos, articles and documents show you where to focus your energy.

GB-Resilient-Housing-windwebStorm Resistance From tie-down clips to shutters and shatter-resistant garage doors, we'll look at practices and tools that make a home much more resistant to heavy storms.

GB-Resilient-Housing-earthwebFlood Ready Proper details, products and careful siting can greatly reduce the damages caused by flooding.

GB-Resilient-Housing-earthwebFire Protected New products and building techniques can give a house a fighting chance when extreme storms hit land.

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