Windows Seal the High-Performance Deal

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This video highlights Western Window Systems’ important contribution to the VISION House Seattle Cascade’s high-performance envelope.

The VISION House Seattle Cascades team is just finishing up the Nudura ICF and Premier SIP envelope of the off-grid home. Now it’s time to get serious about the dry-in stage with the installation of super-high-performance windows. 

Western Window systemsThe windows are important to the design of this house as owner C.R. Herro requires high efficiency along with 360-degree views of the Cascades Mountains. He selected Western Window Systems’ Series 7000 aluminum windows for the project. They offer U-value ratings as low as 0.19 and design pressure ratings above 50. 

“We chose Western Window Systems because I've got a long, rich history with Western Window Systems,” Herro explains. “I have a lot of confidence in the structure and the bones and the way that they go together in their durability. But also, the company custom produces glazing and performance that's specific for this climate.”

Western Window Systems’ Vice President of Custom Sales Jeremy Flynn is excited about the company’s participation in this ground-breaking project not just because it showcases what you can do in extreme locations, but also to illustrate how the windows can be used in other applications. “We're bringing more solutions to people so they can, one, keep the view, and, two, have an energy-efficient option in various climates throughout the country.”

Sit in with Herro and Flynn as they chat about the nuances of these beautiful, highly efficient windows.