Why Should Decarbonization Matter to You?

Businesses must recognize the significance of decarbonization to successfully engage with younger generations.

Businesses in the United States are beginning to understand that decarbonization matters across all sectors. Companies recognize the urgent need to combat climate change, and many have already started making conscious decisions about how they operate and use resources. 


According to Green Builder Media’s COGNITION Smart Data, 40 percent of companies have already set ambitious net zero energy goals, which is timely given that 80 percent of consumers prefer to do business with brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to reducing emissions.

doyouworkforacompanyThe implications for businesses are clear. It is essential to reduce carbon emissions to meet ever-evolving consumer demand for enhanced sustainability options. From minimizing water consumption and paper waste, to increasing recycling and sustainability programs, there are numerous ways a business can reduce its impact on the environment. 

These changes help a company demonstrate corporate social responsibility, foster positive relationships with clients and stakeholders, and provide economic benefits such as lower energy bills and tax incentives.

Another benefit of reducing a company’s carbon footprint is creating brand trustworthiness with consumers. A survey conducted by GlobeScan showed that two-thirds of consumers would choose to purchase from a brand taking active steps towards environmental protection over one without any clear environmental strategy, and half of consumers would do so even if it cost more. 

As companies move to target new generations these steps will matter more. Younger consumers are more likely to remember what a company does–or doesn’t do– for the environment. With an increased focus on environmental responsibility across the globe, companies need to stay ahead of the curve by making proactive decisions on decarbonization initiatives today.


Ultimately, businesses need to recognize the significance of decarbonizing if they want to remain competitive in this rapidly changing landscape. Making strategic decisions that incorporate climate protection will not only lead them into success today but also secure their future for tomorrow.