Off-Grid Energy Equation Brings Grid Independence

In this video, Ron Jones breaks down the many moving pieces that supply VISION House Mariposa Meadows with energy.

As the owner and mastermind behind VISION House Mariposa Meadows, Ron Jones intricately planned the production, storage, and management of energy for this off-grid compound. 

Sub-zero temperatures are not uncommon in winter, and the nearest power pole is 13 miles away. Jones’s energy decisions and strategy “allow us to have the confidence of keeping our investment safe, keeping our guests comfortable, and protecting all the other products and elements that we have in these wonderful residential spaces,” he explains.


For the power source, Jinko Solar’s bi-facial Eagle panels generate between 12 and 13 kilowatts–plenty to meet the energy demands of the three structures. “We decided to do a ground-mounted version of the array because I want people to be able to get up close and personal. I want them to think about where that power comes from. I didn’t want it to just disappear out of sight, like maybe on a rooftop.”

All that energy needs to be stored for use well into the night and on those, thankfully, rare cloudy days. Jones chose Blue Planet Energy’s  battery system with Blue Ion technology due to its performance, longevity, and eco-friendly characteristics. If the current storage capabilities do not suffice for the property demands, Blue Planet Energy has made it easy to add new modules to increase capabilities. 

Additionally, the solar energy is “converted from direct current into AC current that goes into the buildings through Schneider Electric’s amazing inverter system,” explains Jones. Schneider Electric also gives him the ability to track and monitor and manage capacity, charge level, and usage both with the control panel and remotely. 

Finally, Jones included a Kohler generator to back up the power supply. He is a large supporter of the move away from fossil fuels, “but we also know that we’re in a potentially vulnerable position due to our very remote location,” says Jones, as he explains how “we need to have standby power because if there was serious damage to our PV system, or whatever mishap might take place, we need to be able to provide dependable power on an ongoing basis.” 

Mariposa Meadows solar

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