New Outdoor Living Guide Released

Get your free copy of Green Builder Media’s latest ebook, which features just-released research on trends for outdoor living spaces. 

Outdoor_Living_Guide-Print_Version-1The new Outdoor Living Guide focuses on Americans’ obsession with outdoor living. From firepits, to xeriscaped gardens, to custom decks and rails, homeowners want to make the most of their outdoor areas. In fact, a recent survey revealed that people spend an average of 14 hours per week in their outdoor living spaces. This is up nearly 25% since pre-pandemic days. 

What does this mean for building industry pros? New opportunities to fulfill the wishes and needs of homeowners and prospective homeowners.  

Today’s savvy building pros can provide exactly what today’s homeowners want with a little forethought. Get all the data, trends, and ideas in this ebook, which uses Green Builder Media’s proprietary COGNITION Smart Data surveys to get to the heart of what people want—and will pay for—in their outdoor spaces, including: 

  • What outdoor space attributes really matter to people.
  • The role of outdoor cooking and kitchen trends.
  • How deck and rail design and use is evolving.
  • The drivers for at-home food production and sustainable landscaping.
  • Attitudes toward water conservation. 
  • And more stats and trends to help you improve your outdoor living designs. 

Download the Outdoor Living Guide here

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