How to Use the Performance Path to Meet Energy Code Compliance

This new resource provides an overview of performance path options for meeting IECC requirements.

What is the performance path to energy code compliance? It is a way for building professionals to use cost-effective alternatives to traditional compliance paths to meet energy code requirements. 

GB-APA-RESNETIt’s important to understand performance paths because the 2021 IECC is challenging builders to meet higher standards of efficiency. In fact, the code represents one of the biggest opportunities to influence the energy efficiency of new buildings and reduce carbon emissions.

The code is estimated to bring at least 10% efficiency for both residential and commercial buildings that adhere to it. 

To help builders understand the best way to meet energy codes and the value of working with energy raters to help them get there, APA – The Engineered Wood Association offers a new helpful resource. 

The Performance Path to Energy Code Compliance provides builders with an overview of performance path options, the benefits of choosing a performance path to meet IECC requirements, and the advantages of working with a certified energy rater, including: 

  • How performance paths cut construction costs and provide greater design flexibility
  • How energy raters help builders with cost-effective alternatives to meet IECC requirements
  • How choosing a performance path allows builders to maintain their preferred building specifications
  • The energy modeling process and the HERS and ERI ratings 

Download The Performance Path to Energy Code Compliance