Graywater Recycling System Saves Up to 45 Percent on Household Use

Sophisticated systems from Hydraloop sanitize graywater, allowing it to be reused for toilet flushing, laundry, irrigation, and topping up swimming pools.

Alfred Tetzner of Southern California, and his wife Kay installed a Hydraloop H600 device in September 2022, and their household water bill has dropped over 40%, from $350 per month, to under $160. Along with household washing, they have been laundering for a business, so their water usage was higher than average.

The H600  is one of several graywater processors offered by Hydraloop: Forsingle-family homes, the Hydraloop H300 cleans 360 liters/ 95 gallons per day (depending on user behaviour). For larger families with over 5 residents, or small businesses such as office buildings, gyms and boutique hotels, the Hydraloop H600 processes up to 850 liters/ 225 gallons daily.

H300 stone next to washing machine (1) 10

With sleek packaging and no protruding pipes, Hydraloop looks like a streamlined appliance.

Let us talk numbers. In November 2023, the Tetzner’s Hydraloop H600 device recycled a total of 1,161 gallons of graywater. Their smartphone-connected data report shows daily highs of 116 gallons of water recycled. 

In the bar chart below, you can see how the amount of graywater recycled per day, differentiated based on user behaviour. Only two people live here, but Kay does laundry for a local ballet studio. Therefore, on laundry days, water consumption was higher. Vacation days or time spent outside of the house explain the zero water use days.

Tetzner HDM

 At an annual level, the Tetzner’s Hydraloop device recycled 9,172 gallons of graywater. In Southern California, these water savings moved the Tetzners to a lower tier of use. 

“Our Hydraloop took us out of Tiers 4 and 3 down to Tier 2” Alfred Tetzner notes, “Those higher tiers are very pricey on the coast of California.”  

Many Californians use water in the upper tier pricing because they have pools and irrigation. 

Watch Alfred Tetzner and other clients talk about their Hydraloop.

All of Hydraloop’s devices are IoT-connected, giving owners real-time water savings data. Learn more about Hydraloop’s various product options here.