Free Webinar: State of the Industry

Join the CEO of Green Builder Media, Sara Gutterman, for a data-driven analysis of the building industry.

Market conditions are rapidly changing, and building professionals need to pay more attention than ever to sustainability trends so they can future-proof their business by designing and constructing homes that meet the needs of today’s homebuyers.

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Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman presented COGNITION Smart Data market intelligence, offering invaluable insights into the state of the building industry, key sustainability topics, and the latest trends in consumer preferences, purchase drivers, and behavioral patterns.

This important webinar highlights:

  • 2023 market forecast
  • Housing market growth patterns and the changing model of homeownership
  • Sustainability trends like net zero, electrification, healthy home, water conservation, solar, connected living, and resiliency
  • ESG’s role in the transformation to a decarbonized economy
  • Changing homebuyer demands

About our presenter:

Sara Gutterman 300x300As cofounder and CEO of Green Builder Media, Sara is a visionary thought leader and passionate advocate for sustainability. A former venture capitalist, she has participated in the life cycle (from funding to exit) of over 20 companies, with an emphasis on combining sustainability and profitability. She lives in Lake City, Colo., with her husband, where she is an avid long-distance runner, snowboarder, and Crossfit trainer. She is also on the Board of Directors at Dvele, runs the Rural Segment for Energize Colorado, and is a former County Commissioner.

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