Everything You Need to Know About Net Zero Everything

Reaching net zero carbon requires us to rethink how we design and build structures, and how we draft land-use policies, codes, and regulations. This is a colossal task, but one that is arguably essential for our very survival. Here’s a primer.

The world is undeniably changing. The trifecta of enhanced consumer awareness, bold corporate commitments, and ratcheted regulations are quickly shifting our economy to net zero energy, water, and carbon. Consumer demand for climate positive products, homes, and policies is transforming the rules of engagement across all sectors of our economy.

NetzeroEverythingEbook_coverWithin the building sector, the vernacular is moving from net zero energy–which focuses on operational efficiency–to full-scale decarbonization, addressing embodied carbon, or the total amount of emissions generated during the manufacturing, transportation, construction, operation, and end-of-life phases of the building process.

In its Net Zero Everything ebook, Green Builder Media has compiled a snapshot view of where we are with the net-zero transition for buildings, including a deep dive on crucial aspects, including: 

  • Advances in Building Tech. Beyond the building envelope, advances in HVAC systems, windows, solar, cavity insulation and smart controls are further facilitating the transition to zero. 
  • Efficiency First. Getting to net zero begins with energy efficiency. Learn the net zero energy “must-haves” for a transition to a net energy future. They include building science best practices as well as products that make an energy difference. 
  • Marketing Insight: What Will Buyers Pay For? Home buyers say they’re willing to embrace building technologies that get them closer to net-zero lifestyles. Learn the details on what these are so you can talk to them about what matters most. 
  • A Renewable Energy Revolution. This update on adoption of renewable energy as well as adaptation of infrastructure, regulations, and financing to support the transition to renewables. Home technology also matters. 

Fortunately, the net-zero future is already here. Builders who construct houses to reflect the changing environment will not only be addressing the realities of climate change and advanced building codes, but they will also be building the types of homes people want to live in. 

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