Consumers Switch Diets to Combat Climate Change

According to COGNITION Smart Data, consumers are making different dietary choices reduce their environmental impact.

In a recent COGNITION Smart Data survey, consumers reported that the top behavioral change that they have made in the era of COVID is that they’re cooking more and eating better.  

Respondents indicated that they’re choosing healthier diets in part so that they don’t stack on the pounds and also to proactively mitigate climate change.

According to Spoon Guru, a London-based AI food technology company, 27 percent of Americans report that they are leaning toward, or shifting entirely, to plant-based diets primarily to fight against global pandemics, minimize food waste, and respond to global warming. 

This shift towards plant-based diets is both timely and important: A recent UN-backed report conducted by policy institute Chatham House clearly showed that biodiversity loss is accelerating around the world, driven primarily by the global food system.  

“Over the past 50 years, the conversion of natural ecosystems for crop production or pasture has been the principal cause of habitat loss, in turn reducing biodiversity,” the report asserts.  

“Global dietary patterns need to converge around diets based more on plants, owing to the disproportionate impact of animal farming on biodiversity, land use, and the environment. Such a shift would also benefit the dietary health of populations around the world, and help reduce the risk of pandemics.”

This trend has also prompted many people to grow their own food

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