Carbon Offsets for All!

Our goal is to build carbon-neutral homes and buildings. The reality is that we’re not even close to having enough decarbonized products, transportation options, or building practices to get there, so we’re streamlining access to carbon offsets.

Since our inception 19 years ago, Green Builder Media has engaged in every possible activity we could think of to enhance the sustainability of the built environment. We’ve worked with builders, architects, developers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, lenders, municipalities, utilities, and homeowners to increase awareness about how we can decarbonize homes and buildings.

We’re more excited than we’ve ever been about the transformation that is taking place.  Stakeholders of all kinds are thinking seriously about how they can reach net zero carbon goals through everything from Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to electrifying homes and vehicles to enhancing the operational efficiency of homes and buildings.

We commend the companies, building professionals, and consumers who are enthusiastically taking action. No doubt, there is much progress being made.

However, if we are to meet our climate goals and keep under the 1.5-degree warming threshold (which we’ll hit in a shockingly short five years if we remain on our current trajectory), we need to take fast, bold action. The sobering truth is that 2030 isn’t fast enough.

That’s why Green Builder Media has decided to launch a carbon offsets platform, offering streamlined access to carbon offsets to mitigate the impact of the structures we build, the products we produce and use, and the lives we lead.

Carbon Offsets FEATURED

We are only offering high-quality offsets from trackable, accountable, and transparent projects. We currently have three portfolios of offsets that represent a blend of avoided emissions, conservation, nature-based carbon removal, and long-term/frontier carbon removal projects.  

We are also helping our partners, colleagues, and audience members calculate the tons of carbon needed to offset building projects, manufacturing processes, transportation, operations, and lifestyle choices.  

We certainly understand the argument that carbon offsets enable companies to greenwash (for example, if a highly polluting company purchases carbon offsets and claims that it is carbon neutral, that’s greenwashing). However, that’s not our approach.  In everything we do, we constantly endeavor to elevate awareness about sustainability solutions.  

With that said, every person, project, and product has a carbon footprint, and there simply aren’t enough carbon-neutral products, transportation options, manufacturing innovations, or installation practices available to create structures—or live lives—that are net zero embodied carbon at this time.  

So we must purchase offsets to mitigate our impact. While transformation is happening, we need to be realistic about where we are and utilize all the options available to us.

We invite you to take this journey with us. We’re in the early stages of development of our platform and we’d love your input and participation. We’re finding dramatic differences in high-quality versus low-quality carbon offset projects. In full transparency, it has been difficult to find high-quality, permanent carbon offset projects in the United States.

Want to learn more about purchasing carbon offsets?  Check out our new microsite here.

Do you know of any high-quality carbon offset projects in the U.S.? Have ideas about how we can enhance our offerings, diversify our portfolio, and optimize our service to the industry? Please email me and tell me more!  

On behalf of the Green Builder Media team, we appreciate your input and participation in our endeavor to democratize carbon offsets.  We look forward to working with you to do everything possible to reduce emissions, mitigate our impact, and protect our precious planet.