An Adaptable Energy Management System

Amid the ongoing transition toward electrification, energy management systems are becoming increasingly important.

Energy management systems play a pivotal role in optimizing energy use within homes and buildings. With energy management systems, home and building owners can benefit from cost savings, reduce emissions, contribute to grid stability, and seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources. As technology continues to advance, smart load management systems will become even more critical for an electrified future.


“Leviton continues to equip homeowners with the necessary insights to control their expenses and environmental impact, focused on meeting tomorrow’s electrical needs via a single app for lighting, load control, and EV charging,” says Justin Berghoff, senior director of business development and product management for Leviton. “As a natural progression of Leviton’s expertise, we’re excited to give homeowners more power to manage their energy usage and an improved breakdown of total production/consumption via the My Leviton app.”

The company is now offering a scalable and modular smart energy management system that is specifically designed for load management to optimize energy consumption and improve overall efficiency.


The Smart Load Center line is uniquely modular and cost-effective; smart circuit breakers can be intermixed with standard circuit breakers to allow homeowners the flexibility to build smart functionality into their load center as desired or needed. 


Leviton’s innovative 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers paired with the Whole Home Energy Monitor provide control of a home’s electrical system. The Smart Circuit Breakers take up the same space as traditional circuit breakers and don’t require any additional wiring. With this system, homeowners gain insights into energy usage from the grid and alternate energy sources like solar, battery, and generator power.


The new Whole Home Energy Monitor (LWHEM-2) enables the features of the 2nd Gen Smart Breakers. LWHEM-2 is the smart solution for residential electrical systems. It provides the homeowner with real-time, whole-home energy use data.

When connected to the My Leviton app, the Whole Home Energy Monitor enables features such as turning Smart Circuit Breakers On/Off from anywhere, scheduling breaker activity to benefit from peak time of use rates, and automating the shedding of nonessential loads. 


For indoor mounting, the Leviton Load Center features a white enclosure housing white circuit breakers, creating an aesthetically appealing unit. An optional observation window in the cover allows users to see at-a-glance operating state of all the circuit breakers without opening the cover.

The My Leviton dashboard provides a quick view of Leviton smart lighting devices and car chargers, plus an intuitive summary of real-time total energy usage, including a breakdown of what sources are currently powering the home and top consuming circuits by kWh. Homeowners can view the data by day, week, billing period, and year-over-year with charts to identify trends in historical energy usage and opportunities to adjust behaviors and save money.

Additionally, the My Leviton app provides peace of mind with alerts and notifications for any unusual electrical activity. Users are informed about when and why a circuit trips, high or low voltage events, if the breaker fails a self-test, or if communication is lost. The Smart Anomaly Detection option alerts homeowners if unusual activity is identified, such as a freezer malfunctioning, or an HVAC system running excessively.

Leviton’s adaptable and vertically integrated platform makes it simple for any household to reap the benefits of managing and monitoring their energy consumption. 

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