A Flurry of Activity

Spring is here, and as nature bursts to life, Green Builder Media abounds with innovative initiatives.

Taking our lead from the awesome explosion of nature in the springtime, Green Builder Media is buzzing with activity. 


Esteemed green builder CR Herro and I teamed up this week to present a webinar on Millennial Essentials, exploring the growing demand for net-zero, electric, healthy, resilient, connected, and sustainably designed homes.  Whether you’re a building professional or homeowner, check out the webinar recording for hot-off-the-press trends, data, and insights about how this influential audience is transforming the housing market.

Green Builder Media also recently hosted our sixth annual Sustainability Symposium 2022: Roadmap to Decarbonization, during which leading sustainability experts outlined how we can create a net-zero carbon economy with climate solutions that are market available and cost-effective. Check out the playlist of the Sustainability Symposium sessions on our YouTube channel for pioneering information about regeneration, circularity, ESG, and decarbonization solutions for the built environment.

Check out this four-part series on The State of Sustainable Building 2022, bursting with COGNITION Smart Data information about the rapidly evolving shelter industry, including:

  • Market growth expectations.
  • Projections for how the pandemic will impact the housing sector in the long-term.
  • How current industry challenges are forcing transformation. 
  • Shifting homeowner expectations that are placing new demands on building professionals and manufacturers.
  • The movement towards decarbonization in the built environment. 

To stay informed on all things relating to smart and savvy home buyers/owners, be sure to peruse the Today’s Homebuyer section of our website and sign up for our weekly myPlace RSS feed to get sustainable living tips, hacks, ideas, and inspiration delivered to your inbox weekly. 

If you’re a young professional, we invite you to join our Next Generation Influencer Group and help us define what tomorrow's homes, products, and policies need to look to protect your future and keep your family safe. 

Coming Up

Next week, we’re kicking off another 6-part virtual Housing 2.0 workshop with industry luminary Sam Rashkin to teach building professionals how to implement 30 to 70 percent cost savings for every new home built, and how to navigate the intense challenges that are plaguing our sector, including labor shortages, material shortages, and skyrocketing material costs.  

If you want to harness the upside of the titanic transformation occurring in the housing sector, don’t miss this workshop series! It’s chock full of everything you need to know to optimize your designs and building practices. And the best part—it’s free!  12 hours to boost your business.  What are you waiting for?  Register today! 

Heading to PCBC in San Francisco in June? Join us for our first in-person Housing 2.0 workshop on June 23 at the Moscone Center.

Other notable items that we’ll be launching in the next few weeks:

  • Outdoor living guide jam-packed with COGNITION Smart Data and ideas for enhancing your yards, decks, patios, and gardens.
  • Homeowners’ Handbook with everything you need to know about designing, building, and retrofitting sustainable homes.
  • The Sonders Project, a sustainable community demonstration project in Fort Collins, Colorado with the highly esteemed Thrive Home Builders.
  • Transcend, the first Green Builder Media co-branded prefab line of homes with Dvele

And, as usual, we have an action-packed issue of Green Builder magazine dropping at the end of the month with information about resilient building and how to protect your home from extreme temperatures, superstorms, flooding, wildfire, and other natural disasters.

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